Why Should Dealers Join Auto Publishers?

Because We Deliver Automotive Leads.

Our team has over 20 years of dealership operation experience. Using our in-store knowledge, we have built an extensive network of auto platforms across the country. Our Auto Publishers platform gives you the best access to consumers that are ready to buy from you.

  • User-Friendly Search Tools

    Our dynamic team has customized fantastic tools, such as our Dealer Search Feature and our easy-to-use payment calculator, to assist shoppers in finding the best vehicle and dealer based on the consumer’s criteria.

  • Direct-to-Dealer Conversions

    We understand how difficult it is to deal with third-party lead generation companies. Too often, leads come unqualified and with too many strings attached.  With our proven model, we allow shoppers to follow a consumer-friendly conversion process that sends the lead directly to you and your website.

  • Branded Landing Page*

    Your customizable landing page will allow you to promote your brand and provide original content to engage users and provide a path to your inventory. It will also provide additional SEO value by performing as a backlink to your website as well as being a coveted citation. Above all, customers in your area will be able to find the vehicle they want at your dealership, thereby providing you an advantage over your local dealer competitors. 

    *with a Premium Package

A Few of Our Partners

At Auto Publishers, our commitment is to provide the best possible search experience that leads consumers to your dealership.

Our statement, "The Decisive Leader in Automotive Listings", is not just a slogan, it is our value statement.

Want Your Inventory Listed on Auto Publishers?

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Independent Dealers

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Your listing could be included with an Auto Publishers website

Franchise Dealers

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0ver $1000 in Premium Benefits!
$399 Value! Local And National Vehicle Advertising
$59 Value! VDP-D to Dealer Website (some providers unavailable for this service)
$99 Value! SEO Landing Page
$59 Value! Proper NAP for SEO compliance
$99 Value! Facebook mentions to increase Brand
$299 Value! Inventory Distribution to Network Partners.

Let Us Show You How We Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Sales Conversion Rates!