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Autonomous Auto Technology Is Ready

Technology is especially hard to enforce because legislators frequently have a hard time understanding it. Given its longevity, and propensity for prompt proliferous progress, the automotive industry is of the best acquainted with congressional ignorance. An excellent contemporary illustration is the Apple encryption case. Lawmakers have a fundamental misunderstanding of the crux of that case. R

GM Might Be King of the Autonomous Auto Future

When General Motors (GM) first announced their alliance with Lyft, many people were not able to extrapolate how that union would yield results in auto autonomy. Now, it seems that they will be in the best position when legislation catches up to technology. None of their competitors have an infrastructure anywhere near advanced as the American auto group’s. But how did GM investing in a ride-sourci

Autonomous Auto Impediments

Autonomous autos will be available much sooner than the average citizen of the world would assume. The most skeptical assumption, from one that is educated on the subject, could be no later than 2020. It is more probable that by 2020, autonomous autos will have already flooded the streets. To be entirely honest, the technology is already available. Google is the company most associated with Auto

Autonomous Autos: Communication in the Future

Among numerous differences, autonomous Autos will have one major difference to all conventionally driven cars of future yore (today): communication. Contemporary cars are not really adept at communication, drivers can really only pick from about 10 things to say to one another. That communication is either parlayed via lights of different colors, shouted with the horn (or literally), or gestured

Why Autonomous Autos?

By now it is no secret, within the next few years, traditional cars will start to be challenged by their robotic brethren; Autonomous Autos. Some of those on the production side of the equation; Elon Musk; says that the introduction of all out self driving cars will make not only traditional cars but traditional drivers obsolete. To be fair, the autopilot feature on the Tesla Models S and X, alrea

Autonomous Autos: Planning from the Past

The North American International Auto Show, was home to revolutionary announcement; $4 Billion will be allocated specifically into autonomous auto programs. The Bill was proposed by the United States Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, on a stage accompanied by representatives from Google, Ford, and Delphi. Thus far, it is only a proposal, there are no reports of support from either side of the

Faraday Future Might Be Revolutionary

At this point I am completely conflicted, the idealist in me wants to believe Faraday Future might have completely revolutionized the playing field, but the Cynic in me is leaning towards them being just a regular company with a revolutionary marketing team. They have provided no real information, while drumming up hype that would shock lil’ Jon. So now the question is, is the hype warranted, or i

History of the Automobile

Automobiles have a long and interesting history full of competing ideas starting in the 1300s. Many people have vivid memories of the Space Race during the Cold War, but automobiles have been around so long there is no first hand knowledge of inception, only secondary sources. However, that does not detract from the intrigue, especially now that we are seeing the dawn of Autonomous Autos. The his

Autonomous Autos: GM and Lyft

We are in a crucial time in transportation; with looming automotive revolutions around every corner. The biggest improvement pending is autonomous autos. Self-driving cars are less than 5 years away from becoming the biggest technological advancement since the internet. All automakers tech and delivery companies know about it; soon even Tide is going to be looking for a way into the new transporta

The Rise of RoboCars

By the 1990s; before autonomous autos even became a fantasy; most technology in cars were in a bit of a rut, most or all of the major technologies necessary for an internal combustion engine to work properly was discovered. Then it became a shootout, how much power could be generated from one engine? The habit was so ingrained that even mechanics devoted themselves to improving on the manufacturer