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Singapore Launches Electric Car Sharing Program

In December, Singapore launched the city’s first large-scale electric car sharing program. Officials hope that this innovative program will give commuters additional options for getting around and decrease the need and desire for residents to purchase their own vehicles. The car-sharing program will be run by BlueSG for the next decade. BlueSG is part of the Bollore Group out of France.The v

New Electric Car Breaking Records

On Monday, NextEV unveiled a record-breaking new electric car. It is the first product to be presented under the startup’s new NIO brand, which was backed by Chinese investors. The NIO brand is focusing on making waves in the electric vehicle industry, and their brand new NIO EP9 electric model had broken an EV lap record. Though the NextEV brand was originally founded in 2014, this event sp

Most Affordable Electric Vehicles

In the past few years many people have started switching from gas vehicles to electric ones. Electric vehicles are great for those that want an economical car that’s good for the environment and doesn’t require gas station stops. While electric cars may have zero emissions and be great for the environment, they are not always cheap. When looking for an electric vehicle, there are quite a few affor

The Quickest Production Car in the World

When people think about the fastest production cars in the world, they usually imagine cars with large engines equipped with a growling exhaust. Up until this year, the fastest production cars were all sports cars with turbo or supercharged engines. Recently, the electric Model S from Tesla was announced as the fastest production car in the world. In the past, the Porsche 918 Spyder and LaFerrari

BMW Invests in its Electric Car

After dipping its toe into the electric car market, BMW must have decided that it was worth the effort because the car company recently announced plans to expand the range of its electric car by almost half. BMW introduced the i3 electric car in 2014. It was well received since it offered a pleasant driving experience combined with environmentally friendly construction. Sales for the luxury carmak

Electric Auto Evolution

The Electric Auto market has been around for many years, far longer than many would assume. In fact, the first time a full electric auto was made was in the 1830s. However, who was first is unknown, there are 3 contenders. A Scottish inventor by the name of Robert Anderson, made an electric carriage sometime between 1832 and 1839. If his rudimentary electric car was contrived prior to 1835; Mr. An