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Aston Martin and Faraday Future

If I am a lucky man, the greatest thing in Automotive History may have just happened. Spoiler Alert, that statement was hyperbole, but you should be excited anyway, because the company behind Faraday Future LeEco has entered into a joint venture with Aston Martin. I suppose this makes the Veteran coachbuilding Automaker and the promising young whippersnapper cousins. Those (very very few people)

Faraday Future Might Be Revolutionary

At this point I am completely conflicted, the idealist in me wants to believe Faraday Future might have completely revolutionized the playing field, but the Cynic in me is leaning towards them being just a regular company with a revolutionary marketing team. They have provided no real information, while drumming up hype that would shock lil’ Jon. So now the question is, is the hype warranted, or i

Faraday Future is Promising Modularity

Despite a dismal interview (?), Faraday Future might be onto something here. If on the off chance, FF’s (as they are now calling themselves) was serious about their passive, seemingly ridiculous claims, it they might be positioning themselves on the right side of a wave. It might be a bit of a leap, but I promise it still makes sense: what if Matt Burns was not asking Faraday Future-istic enough q

Faraday Lives in the Future

Faraday Future has been in and out of the news for the past year or so. Basically, they are trying to be the new Tesla Motors; they even stole their famous electric pioneer name inspiration. Faraday fans will be quick to point out, that their namesake was much more instrumental to the overall topic of electricity (he was the first to extract electricity from Magnetic Fields); whereas no one outsid