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Michael Horn Plays His Final Tune for Volkswagen

The scandal at Volkswagen has claimed another causality. Michael Horn (as seen during Congressional testimony in October) served as president and CEO of Volkswagen’s North American operations since January 1, 2014, and spent over a quarter century with the company. That wasn’t enough to save Horn, as his long tenure at VW came to an abrupt end on Wednesday. Volkswagen announced that Horn left th

Volkswagen May Have to Cut Jobs to Cover Lawsuit Costs

While the emissions-cheating scandal at Volkswagen has cost the jobs of high-level VW execs like former CEO Martin Winterkorn, it hadn’t disseminated to members of the rank and file like workers at VW assembly plants in the U.S. (pictured). But that may soon change, according to a report today from Reuters. According to the noted news agency, Volkswagen may be forced to cut jobs in both the U.S.

Volkswagen Stays Up As It Tries to Shed Scandal

In hopes of reviving its flagging brand, Volkswagen will unveil two new models on Tuesday at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016. The first model to be showcased is an all-new Volkswagen Up (pictured). An updated version of the Volkswagen Up city car will be available in three equipment lines, new exterior colors, body panels, seat fabrics, entertainment systems and more. Besides the Volkswag

Volkswagen Sued in U.S. District Court on RICO Charges

According to The Wall Street Journal, a U.S. District Court in California will hear a civil case that charges Volkswagen with committing widespread fraud with its rigged diesel vehicles. In and of itself, that charge isn’t too shocking, as VW has already admitted to installing the emissions-cheating defeat devices. What makes the prosecution’s charges rise to a level above a garden-variety class-a

Scandal at Volkswagen: It’s Always the Cover-Up

President Nixon once famously observed that it’s not the crime that gets you—it’s the cover up. Unfortunately, many have failed to heed Nixon’s lesson, or learn from his example, which is why people continue to get caught up in scandals that spiral out of control. To wit: the ongoing scandal at Volkswagen, which has devolved from a relatively harmless case of emissions rigging to a deliberate cove

Meet the New VW Quality Control Boss, Same as the Old Quality Control Boss

Yesterday on Auto Publishers, I wrote about Volkswagen’s attempts to compensate U.S. diesel vehicle owners. As you’ll recall from reading that piece (or by clicking the link above), lead counsel Kenneth Feinberg has thus far been thwarted in his efforts as the VW board accounts for the monetary damage caused by its emissions scandal. If nothing else, VW will have one less high-priced salary to acc

Is Volkswagen Prepared to Pay the Diesel Emissions Piper?

Millions of Volkswagen diesel owners have seemingly waited forever for the Wolfsburg-based automaker to resolve its emissions scandal. It’s taking VW longer to get its house in order than most might’ve liked, but to be fair some slow and steady steps are being made. The question is, will it be enough to stem the tide of negative publicity that threatens to put VW in the red in perpetuity? On Frid

Volkswagen Accused of Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law

Since Volkswagen’s shady attempts to trick environmental regulators were first revealed to the public, the automaker (surprisingly) hasn’t yet had to face serious legal repercussions for its actions. But that may soon be changing. This week, two different governments—one foreign, the other domestic—brought suit against Volkswagen. The first of these governments is South Korea, whose Ministry of E

California Regulators Reject VW’s Diesel Recall Plan

Back in late November, we informed you of Volkswagen’s impending deadline to fix the engines of 2.0-liter diesel vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf TDI (pictured). Now the time has come for VW to deliver a diesel recall plan that would satisfy both the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In short, the verdict from the two agencies can be summarized t

Volkswagen Fights the Law (And the Law Won?)

This past year wasn’t a good one for Volkswagen, and based on early indications 2016 isn’t shaping up to be any better. On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), in concert with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), filed a civil complaint against Volkswagen and five of its subsidiaries, most notably Audi and Porsche. The DOJ is seeking billions in damages from VW after it was revealed