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Apps and Tech to Encourage Car Safety

April 7, 2017

Apps and Tech to Encourage Car Safety

Many people are excited about self-driving vehicles, looking forward to the promised safety features that can make driving much more secure, especially as more and more people begin to look into such vehicles. Though they are not yet ready for large-scale release, individuals can enjoy optimal safety by taking a look at some available vehicle safety features and apps to improve their drive. Planning ahead according to these features can often be enough to prevent serious injury, and there are many unique models on the market available to provide drivers with the opportunity to make their drive more secure and enjoyable.

Forward-Collision Warning System

One of the most advanced options that individuals can look into is a forward-collision warning system that will will tell the driver when the vehicle gets uncomfortably close to another car in front. This is accommodated by an audible or visual alert that notifies the driver of the danger, and many of these systems also come with an automatic emergency braking feature that helps compensate for slow reaction times to prevent injury and vehicular damage. This forward-collision warning system is designed to reduce the risk of head-on accidents, and it can be invaluable for those who regularly drive in a busy city.

Blind-Spot Warning System

The blind-spot warning system can be paramount for busy drivers, as it helps monitor the vehicle's blind spot to provide them with increased visibility on the road. Whether changing lanes or backing up from parking, these systems are designed to help drivers keep visuals on their blind spot. Some cars already come with these detectors installed on the side view mirror of the vehicle, and they will typically light up or flash when the sensor notices a vehicle in the blind spot. Similarly, some cars come with a camera that can rotate in a full circle, allowing drivers to look around the car for potential issues.


This app is designed to provide you with a carefully measured grade of your driving skills as desired. Simply boot it up and use the app to keep keep track of the way you drive. Because of its features, it is designed to improve your driving by optimizing your defensive driving skills and minimizing your unnecessary risks on the road. The app measures all types of habits, such as speeding, hard braking, phone distractions, accelerations and even turning. With an overall driving score available, it can help individuals stay safer on the road.