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Audi Planning to Work with Huawei on Connected Car Tech

July 31, 2018

Audi Planning to Work with Huawei on Connected Car Tech

Some of the most highly-regarded tech developments in recent years focus on connectivity and the internet of things. Through a stronger degree of connectivity, professionals believe that individuals will have better access to their devices, establishing better reliability and accessibility. From smart fridges to the lights in a home, individuals can look forward to improved convenience when it comes to managing their environment. Recently, more and more instances of this type of technology have been proposed for vehicles. Auto manufacturers have been discussing and developing all types of networked capabilities for vehicles in order to allow drivers to have safer and easier access to their cars. Audi, in particular, has been no stranger to networked vehicles. 

Though the brand has been working with connected tech for some time, it has recently made a tremendous push to expand its research into future smart car capabilities. In order to develop the boost that the brand needs, Audi has recently signed a memorandum with the Huawei group in order for the two to collaborate and expand their research on intelligent connected vehicles. In order for consumers to enjoy the best of the best when it comes to smart car tech, all future connectivity projects need to work through a reliable and fast data connection. To such an end, both Audi's and Huawei's representatives have said that they are interested in expanding their grasp in order to provide clients with a greater degree of serviceability. This alliance will be focused on establishing everything, from improved autonomous driving to expanded online services. 

Though the two companies have not yet begun to draw up long-term roadmaps, they did draw attention to their partnership through the testing of the LTE-V system, which is a 4G data variation that is optimized for faster vehicles. Through such a system, drivers will be able to make decisions based on real-time traffic information. The car will connect with local traffic light systems and various intersection video cameras in order to help drivers make safer and better decisions while on the road. This project is currently expected to expand further in September of 2018 with a broader variety of uses. 

Further news of Audi's team-up has come relatively recently after it had unveiled plans to work with Android and NVIDIA to establish further comfort and accessibility within their vehicles. Such collaborations will allow future enthusiasts to enjoy self-driving systems and improved infotainment options that can make it easier for drivers to stay connected to the internet as necessary. Many fans of the brand are excited to see how such developments will improve the Audi image in the future, especially as technology continues to advance for all driving systems.

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