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New Crash Tests Show Just How Far Car Safety Has Come

Though many car owners may be fascinated with how the automotive industry has turned recent attention to self-driving vehicles and interconnected smart technology, many others may marvel at how far car safety has come. Technological additions will always be welcome and important, but one of the most fascinated aspects of the car ownership experience is seeing just how different modern cars in term

Uber Planning on Expanding Self-Driving Car Research

The Uber brand is already a renowned name in the transportation industry, dedicated to providing passengers with an easy and affordable way to get from point A to point B. The brand prides itself on its contemporary appeal, and those working to optimize driving services to offer passengers additional comfort and security are always scrutinizing the driving process itself. As a result, it's not so

Safety Add-On Options for Older Vehicles

Car safety is always a primary concern, especially for those who are interested in purchasing a new vehicle and want to make sure that it features all of the safety tech they would need to keep themselves and their passengers safe. Many newer cars are outfitted with sophisticated and advantageous safety systems, but what about older vehicles? Many older cars do not feature the same type or variety

BMW Designs a Vehicle Without Any Mirrors

Cars need mirrors to provide drivers with the visuals they need to stay on top of potential dangers on the road. Rearview mirrors and side door mirrors are prevalent in almost every type of vehicle, and it can be difficult for drivers to imagine a car that does not use such mirrors. With recent developments in camera technology, however, it is possible that cars without mirrors may become a realit

Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

With so much electric vehicle technology slowly becoming readily available all over the world, it is not surprising that so many countries are starting to open up to the idea of electric vehicles overtaking gas-powered ones on the roads. Americans, in particular, are embracing the idea of electric cars more and more as the technology continues to improve, but new vehicle data shows that an increas

2017 Honda Accord V6 Coupe Turns Heads for Muscle Car Enthusiasts

Muscle cars have long been a massive part of American automotive history. Iconic vehicles like the Hemi and Charger have defined the American car experience, appearing in everything from music to movies. Keeping the tradition alive, many auto manufacturers are still developing muscle cars, providing drivers with new and exciting ways to stay active behind the wheel in a rapidly changing automotive

Used Car Safety Inspection Tips for New Drivers

Shopping for a used vehicle can be one of the best ways to find the right car for your needs. Though some may not be in brand new condition, there are many lots that emphasize care and presentation, which means that first-time shoppers can find what they need at an affordable price. Like with any such long-term purchase, however, it is strongly recommended for drivers to plan ahead in order to mak

Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

Developments for self-driving cars have been making tremendous breakthroughs on a regular technological and consumer-interest basis. Many major manufacturers are focusing on establishing powerful software and hardware systems that can provide drivers with the safety they need in all driving situations. Some renowned brands have dedicated themselves to such developments from the start, while others

A Chinese Automotive Startup Reveals Electric SUV to Compete with Tesla

Electric vehicle developments promise to provide drivers with an efficient way to get from point A to point B while reducing their reliance on gasoline. These vehicles promise to be a tremendous ecological step up, minimizing emissions and optimizing performance through electric motors. Many major auto manufacturers are focusing their resources to provide drivers with an affordable and reliable el

GM to Expand Self-Driving Operations

It seems that every major auto manufacturer has been focusing operations on establishing efficient and safe self-driving vehicles for interested shoppers. General Motors has recently taken it upon itself to begin expanding operations near the Silicon Valley region in order to better provide drivers with self-driving vehicle options. The automaker had said that it is planning on hiring 1,100 people