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Volvo Introduces First Family Safety Tests with Autonomous Cars

Though most automakers have been busy establishing new vehicles and working on showmanship practices, Volvo has been focusing on revealing new plans for their autonomous vehicle testing. Recently, the automaker has said that they were proud to introduce the Hain family, who will be the first family of consumers chosen by the major brand to participate in some of the first scheduled real-world auto

Tesla Vehicle Predicts Collision Seconds Before It Happens

With self-driving vehicles slowly becoming more and more advanced, many individuals are already excited to see what potential uses they could have on the road. It comes as no surprise that so many are already beginning to test out the vehicles for their practical applications. Self-driving cars use constantly calculating and adjusting algorithms to test road conditions and make sure that the drive

A Look at Tesla's Past and Planned Developments

Electric vehicles are taking the automotive world by storm, promising to provide drivers with a new way to enjoy their vehicles while saving big on environmental damage and gas prices. Tesla is a major developer that has been at the forefront of new software and hardware updates, optimizing the market in order to provide customers with a more viable way to enjoy electric vehicles. Recently, the au

Avoiding Distractions on the Road

Winter is a particularly dangerous time to be driving because of the tremendous weather changes taking place outside. Not only are accidents more frequent during this time, but there are also more distractions present. Taking your eyes off of the road or your hands off of the wheel is often all that you need to do to court certain disaster. In order to reduce your risk of a collision, it is critic

Autonomy and Indifference Toward Brands

Brands tend to play a significant role in what consumers purchase. When you hear names like "Versace" or "Calvin Klein", you probably associate those names with high-quality, luxury clothing brands. The point is brands often speak for themselves, as to whether they are of good quality or subpar. The same can be said for brands in the automotive industry. A strong car brand can create significant r

Car Safety Tips for Your Kids During Winter Driving

With temperatures dropping and winter fast approaching, parents are bundling up their kids in warm coats and jackets to protect them from the cold. However, studies show that this could result in difficulties during driving. It is important to be mindful of what coat they wear when it is time to put them in their booster seats in the car. Puffy coats and ones made with slick, waterproof materials

San Francisco's Uber to Introduce Self-Driving Vehicles

Uber is planning on launching a new self-driving vehicle pilot program similar to what is already running in the city of Pittsburgh. As innovations for driverless vehicles become more and more advanced, the brand is interested in providing passengers with improved driving options for their comfort and convenience. Currently, Uber riders who need to request an UberX may now have a chance to match w

Ford Reveals Patents for Future Cars

Ford has long been one of the most recognizable names in the automotive industry. Responsible for innovations in all fields of driving, it comes as no surprise that one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles in the world has registered over 1,400 patents in 2016 alone. This is the most patents registered among even larger automakers, and one of the most exciting innovations developed by the bran

2017 Safest Cars Announced

On December 8, 2016, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a nonprofit group financed by the insurance industry, released its 2017 Safest Cars list. The vehicles on this list were selected because they provide top levels of crash protection. Out of the 200 cars in the running for this safety title, only 82 made the final cut. There are 38 models of 2017 vehicles that offer advanced le

Legal Experts Prepare for Autonomous Car Regulations

What once began as the stuff of science fiction, self-driving and autonomous vehicles are slowly becoming the reality. Almost every major car developer is beginning to offer a prototype of vehicles that are designed to drive automatically. These include numerous luxury models, such as those from Tesla, which feature a built-in autopilot system. Numerous self-driving startups are also beginning to