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BMW Gets an Electric Revival with the iNEXT

Earlier this month, BMW celebrated 100 years of automotive excellence, but the Bavaria-based automaker isn’t resting on its laurels by any means. In fact, BMW today revealed its vision for the second decade of the 21st Century, which will focus predominantly on cutting-edge technologies like electric mobility and autonomous vehicles. The centerpiece of BMW’s ambitious plans is the iNEX

Lincoln Shows its #MoreHuman Side with New Ad Campaign

To some, auto engineering may seem cold and impersonal, but the Lincoln Motor Company wants the public to see it a different way. With its new #MoreHuman campaign, however, Lincoln wants to convey to customers that its vehicles can connect with drivers and passengers in real and meaningful ways. The #MoreHuman campaign was created by Hudson Rouge, a global creative agency that specializes in luxu

Ride and Car Sharing Services Popular Among Young City Dwellers

We’re in the midst of a transportation revolution thanks in large measure to ride and car sharing companies like Uber and ZipCar. Now if you want to travel down, for instance, Highway 610 in Houston (pictured), all you have to do is find the appropriate app on your smartphone and—boom!—you have instant wheels at your disposal. With that said, most Americans would still prefer to own and drive the

Michael Horn Plays His Final Tune for Volkswagen

The scandal at Volkswagen has claimed another causality. Michael Horn (as seen during Congressional testimony in October) served as president and CEO of Volkswagen’s North American operations since January 1, 2014, and spent over a quarter century with the company. That wasn’t enough to save Horn, as his long tenure at VW came to an abrupt end on Wednesday. Volkswagen announced that Horn left th

Volkswagen May Have to Cut Jobs to Cover Lawsuit Costs

While the emissions-cheating scandal at Volkswagen has cost the jobs of high-level VW execs like former CEO Martin Winterkorn, it hadn’t disseminated to members of the rank and file like workers at VW assembly plants in the U.S. (pictured). But that may soon change, according to a report today from Reuters. According to the noted news agency, Volkswagen may be forced to cut jobs in both the U.S.

Happy 100th Birthday, BMW!

For a centenarian, BMW looks awfully good for its age. Today, the German automaker celebrated 100 years of fortitude by hosting a Centenary Event at the company’s home base of Munich. With one eye looking back at a century marked by successes and setbacks, BMW also looked ahead toward another 100 years by introducing the BMW Vision Next 100 (pictured), a trailblazing concept car that represents th

Sergio Marchionne Says He Can Help Build the Apple Car

Apple reported worldwide earnings of $233 billion during the fourth quarter of 2015 alone. But that fact didn’t stop FCA CEO and black sweater enthusiast Sergio Marchionne from offering his company’s assistance in developing the tech giant’s top-secret electric vehicle project, the Apple Car. As we say down South: Bless his heart. “I would assume that we have the credibility to be one of the play

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Bugatti Chiron But Were Afraid to Ask

When you feast your eyes on a vehicle as jaw-droppingly beautiful as the Bugatti Chiron, few words need to be said. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you’re already read a 4,000-word treatise on the Bugatti Chiron, which debuts at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show this week, that’s more sublime than my poor skills can manage. Still, you don’t visit Auto Publishers solely for car photos—theref

Volkswagen Stays Up As It Tries to Shed Scandal

In hopes of reviving its flagging brand, Volkswagen will unveil two new models on Tuesday at the Geneva International Motor Show 2016. The first model to be showcased is an all-new Volkswagen Up (pictured). An updated version of the Volkswagen Up city car will be available in three equipment lines, new exterior colors, body panels, seat fabrics, entertainment systems and more. Besides the Volkswag

Security Expert Exposes How Easy it is to Hack a Nissan Leaf

Troy Hunt is MVP (which, in this case, stands for Most Valuable Professional) for Developer Security at Microsoft, which makes him a trusted authority on the subject of vehicle hacking. So when Hunt uncovered a security loophole that allowed him to control a Nissan Leaf that wasn’t his own via a vulnerable API, people are going to take notice (particularly people like us who write about the automo