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Avoiding Distractions on the Road

December 22, 2016

Avoiding Distractions on the Road

Winter is a particularly dangerous time to be driving because of the tremendous weather changes taking place outside. Not only are accidents more frequent during this time, but there are also more distractions present. Taking your eyes off of the road or your hands off of the wheel is often all that you need to do to court certain disaster. In order to reduce your risk of a collision, it is critical to avoid distractions on the road and to practice defensive driving wherever possible.

AAA is taking the time this holiday season to remind all pedestrians, shoppers and drivers that avoiding distractions can be instrumental in avoiding personal injury. Playing it safe is always the better road to take, especially if you are in a hurry. Do not rush for that parking space or go above speed limits to get your shopping done. Mall parking lots and garage areas are particularly dangerous this time of year, as the rate of accidents increases as these areas get bigger.

Always play it safe with personal distractions as well. After you leave the store, put away your phone on the walk to your car in the parking lot. Make sure that you take out your ear buds as well, as you need to keep your spacial awareness high in order to avoid potential injury no matter where you are. If you are with your loved ones, try to keep them close so that you can prevent extended injuries on the road. Watch each other until you get to your vehicle and make sure that you practice safe procedures when you pull out of the parking space and head out on the road.

Research shows that, across the nation, over 20 percent of vehicle collisions during the winter occur in parking lots. These crashes result in approximately 500 deaths and over 60,000 injuries. If you need to do your shopping at night, it is also highly recommended that you wear brighter clothes or reflective surfaces in order to increase your visibility. Have your keys ready as soon as you are close to your car so that you can minimize your time getting in, and never loiter more than you need to. Always slow down and obey the law, and be sure to exercise good judgment in any situation in order to avoid potential problems in the future.