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Benefits of Showcasing at an Auto Show

November 15, 2017

Benefits of Showcasing at an Auto Show

Auto shows are what you make of it. They can be a fun way to interact with potential customers and business partners, or they can be a lot of work that leaves you feeling tired and exhausted at the end of it. If you currently hold negative feelings about auto shows, keep reading to find out the top three benefits of showcasing at an auto show and how it can help your business.

Direct Sales Opportunities

In a survey of auto show attendees between 2013 and 2014, 84% of the 1,185 attendees went to the auto show with the intention of buying a new vehicle. Showcasing at an auto show almost` guarantees that you will be interacting with your target demographic – serious car buyers who want to know what your product can offer them. Unlike the usual dealership setting, the majority of people who come in will be serious about buying a car and will not be there to pass the time or window shop. Use the car show to the best of your advantage to sell to people who are actually serious and dedicated to buying a vehicle. About 70% of attendees reported that they spoke to representatives at brands that they considered buying and purchase intention went up by 25% for those who took part in a ride and drive at the auto show. These numbers can mean some major sales for your brand.

Cost Effective Marketing and Networking

At first glance, the price of renting booth space, setting up a booth, and paying for accommodations for your staff may seem a bit steep, but the overall cost is worth it. Auto shows are a cost-effective way to network with other business and customers, and to market your product. You will also get a chance to network with influencers who can bring attention to your booth with just one tweet. The number of potential customers your booth will attract and the potential sales will easily help you more than just regain the costs that go into the show.   

Helps Create Lasting Impressions

Use the auto show to engage with visitors as much as you can. The more involved you are, the better the impression visitors will have when they leave your booth. Put on fun and interactive presentations about your products, or hold contests where visitors leave their business cards to be entered into a drawing (that way you gain contact information and visitors will keep you in mind for holding a fun contest). Overall, just do what you can to increase interaction and engagement with attendees so that they will keep talking about your booth long after the show is done. One survey has stated that a positive auto show experience can stay in the consumer’s mind for as long as eight months. Attendees remember the booths that make an attempt to be interesting and engaging, not the ones that make no attempt.

Presenting at an auto show can be an anxiety inducing task. However, the opportunity to do some prime direct face-to-face marketing is a great way to help increase your sales and is also a great way to network with other businesses and future customers.