Best Affordable Luxury Cars on The Market

November 1, 2017

Best Affordable Luxury Cars on The Market

Be honest—who wouldn’t want to own a luxury vehicle? With plenty of comfort and cool high-tech features, these cars certainly create an enjoyable drive.  But one obstacle blocks the path between the typical consumer and a drive of luxury—the price.  From 2015, the average luxury vehicle cost $55,751. For many, that’s a year’s paycheck.

Thankfully, a comfortable drive does not require a hefty price tag.  In fact, you can buy a new affordable luxury vehicle right now.  To help you out, we listed our favorite four luxury sedans that cost less than $35,000.  So, are you ready to find the best luxury experience without your wallet taking a big hit?  Then read along with us as we show you the best affordable luxury cars on the market!


2017 Acura ILX—MSRP $27,990

Kicking off our list is arguably the most affordable luxury car you will ever find—or at least with this level of performance.  At 201 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, this car will not struggle to merge into busy highways or safely pass any slow vehicles.  In fact, this car comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters to allow for as smooth and easy of a drive you can find at this price.

If that’s not enough, the 35-highway mpg will certainly catch any penny pincher’s attention.  With this level of fuel economy, you’ll be driving to the fuel pumps far less often than other affordable sedans on the market.  So, in that sense, you’re still saving money even after you’re initial purchase of this luxury sports car.

As expected with Acura, you’re getting more than a smooth drive with the ILX.  The NHTSA rated this model a full five-star overall safety rating.  Keep in mind that this is the highest grade available, so you know that this car will keep you safe should an unexpected accident ever occur.


2017 BMW 3 Series—MSRP $33,450

Any time we discuss luxury sports sedans, you already know BMW will make its way onto the list at some point.  And the 2017 3-series still offers that stellar German-engineering motorists have come to know and love. 

For the most affordable base model, the 320i offers a pretty decent performance.  The base engine offers 180 hp and 200 lb-ft torque, which will present no problems in driving you where you need to go.  You even get some choices in how this luxury sedan drives, as BMW offers a six-speed manual transmission, or an eight-speed automatic transmission—for those of us who still burn our clutches when we try to drive up those tricky hills. 

As far as the inside cabin goes, BMW provides plenty of fun and comfort.  For starters, there’s the innovative iDrive infotainment system.  Not only will this device play your favorite tunes and offer navigation, but everything is at one responsive touch—reducing any common driving distractions.  Also, the included Apple Car Play acts as the perfect feature for those times you want to activate your smartphone’s hands-free features.

Aside from the fun specs, the 3-series provides all the basic luxury features you could want, ranging from dual-zone automatic climate controls to a push button start ignition.

Along with a great drive, the BMW 3-series also received exceptional safety ratings.  The NHTSA rewarded this affordable luxury car with a full five-star safety rating.  You can rest assured knowing that you and your passengers are safe when driving this vehicle across town.

Altogether, BMW offers comfort, performance, and safety in one nice inexpensive package that makes this sedan one of the best affordable luxury cars you’ll ever find.


2018 Audi A3—MSRP--$31,950

Similar to BMW, you can’t discuss cool luxury sedans without mentioning Audi.  As usual, this German manufacturer brings all the cool luxury features and performance you could ever want at this price with its A3 model.

Starting with the drive, Audi’s 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine offers 186 hp—which is enough power for fun and smooth trips wherever you decide to drive.

Speaking of the drive, Audi offers some of the best fuel economy you’ll ever find on an affordable luxury car.  At 35 highway mpg, you’ll be saving plenty of money at the gas pumps.  This isn’t just a great figure for the price range—this number is even impressive for higher-end luxury sedans.  So you’re receiving an amazing package with this spec alone.

Of course, this is a luxury car after all.  So, naturally, you’ll receive a few cool features as well.  For starters, the standard heated seats will keep you and your passengers warm on those brisk autumn and winter days.  Furthermore, the two USB ports ensure your phones and devices always remain at a full charge. 

Furthermore, the Audi A3 now employs the same Virtual Cockpit experience found in its TT models.  This nifty screen displays all the information you’ll ever need to see, ranging from the speedometer to navigation and phone functions. 

Naturally, when shopping for a new luxury sedan, safety features are one of the most important specs to check.  Thankfully, the NHTSA rated the A3 a solid 5-star overall crash rating.  As you already know by now, this is the highest ranking available.  Therefore, this vehicle will keep you safe in the instance of any unfortunate event.


2017 Infinity Q50—MSRP $33,950

Finishing our list strong is the 2017 Infinity Q50.  In terms of performance, you’ll find some of the best in this price range.  The 2.0L I-4 intercooled turbo engine does far more than sound cool.  At 208 hp and a seven-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, this affordable luxury sedan will smoothly drive you to any destination. 

Moreover, the luxury features of the Q50 are no slouches.  For starters, Infinity offers the InTouch infotainment system, which allows for email and concierge services—in other words, you’ll get all the convenience you could ever need while driving. 

Additionally, the leather backseats offer quite a bit of room for the tallest of passengers.  Meanwhile, the 13-cubic-feet of cargo space in the trunk provides plenty of room for any vacation.  Should you ever need more space, you can even fold down the rear seats.

As expected from Infinity, the Q50 received a full 5-star NHTSA safety rating.  Along with the base model keeping you and your passengers safe during your drives, Infinity offers upgrades to some of the best modern safety features.  These include everything from adaptive cruise control to lane departure warnings.

In other words, Infinity offers a fun affordable luxury car with comfort, performance, and safety in one amazing bundle.