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BMW, Porsche Join Team Apple Watch with Their Own Connected Apps

April 27, 2015

BMW, Porsche Join Team Apple Watch with Their Own Connected Apps

The Apple Watch was one of the most eagerly anticipated products of 2015, which made Friday, April 24, a “circle the calendar” date for tech geeks. Now that the Apple Watch has finally dropped, two prestige automakers announced their respective roles in the Apple Watch craze. 

Porsche and BMW are the first major car companies to reveal Apple Watch apps that will give owners of those brands access to a host of cool perks, including automatic vehicle control and the ability to track vehicle maintenance issues as they develop. 

On Friday, BMW trumpeted the debut of a free Apple Watch app called the BMW i Remote that is compatible with i3 and i8 hybrid vehicles. The BMW i Remote app allows BMW i model drivers to remotely check and control vehicle functions, such as checking door locks and adjusting the temperature. 

In addition, the app can inform drivers of how much battery power is available in their vehicles, as well as guide them to their final destination on foot or back to their cars wherever they may have parked them.

Not to be undone, Porsche also announced their new Apple Watch app this past Friday. Through the Porsche Car Connect app, Porsche owners can track the time, distance, speed and fuel use for each trip their vehicle takes. Among other features, the app can also inform owners if their doors and windows are unlocked or if the drop-top is down.

The separate Apple Watch app releases by BMW and Porsche demonstrate a growing emphasis by automakers to develop cloud-based vehicle systems. As always, Auto Publishers is here to keep you abreast of the latest trends and developments in the automotive world, so be sure to visit our page regularly for more information!

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