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Booster Seat Ratings Provide Details Regarding Child Safety

November 23, 2016

Booster Seat Ratings Provide Details Regarding Child Safety

When it comes to choosing a good safety belt for your child, it is important to be vigilant. There are numerous brands and options available on the market, and recently professionals have had the opportunity to review the products in order to provide customers with the latest information regarding booster seats. Currently, child booster seats have shown a tremendous breakthrough in a relatively elusive feature, which is a good fit for a safety belt designed for 4 to 8 year olds.

Parents have been looking for a safer option when it comes to children who have outgrown their built-in harnesses and need more booster seat choices for their kids. These booster seats are designed to elevate children so that the car's existing seat belts do not cut in too closely to the stomach or the neck during a collision, which can result in further injury and bodily damage.

After the reviews, two seats have been listed as Not Recommended, which means that they do not provide children with the necessary fit to prevent damage. Both of the new seats are brand new models that can currently be found in stores, both of which are developed by Dorel Juvenile.

The results were strange for reviewers, as Dorel Juvenile had an extensive history of producing some of the best booster seats available. That the company introduced seven of them in the year alone was a sign of progress, but that two of those seven were not up to standard did not bode well for the year. The company had also discontinued three models that were older and earned the Not Recommended rating. Fans of the group believe that the setbacks may send the company back to the drawing board, though future results could be promising in terms of new developments with the market in mind. 

In direct contrast, the KidsEmbrace group had responded to a Not Recommended rating by improving their approach entirely. The item that they took off of the market was redesigned to enjoy a new Best rating. Like any other products, it is important for shoppers to browse according to their exact needs and price range. Many products are designed to be easily affordable as well, and the market continues to move forward in terms of innovations to provide kids of all ages the safety they need to ride with their parents.