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Car Safety Sensors to Keep Clean During the Winter

March 10, 2017

Car Safety Sensors to Keep Clean During the Winter

Winter driving can be difficult because of the weather and road conditions, and the frequent appearance of various unwanted elements in the environment can result in a dirtier vehicle. Things like snow, salt, dirt and ice can all be kicked up against the car to smudge it in a number of ways. Not only can this result in a dirty appearance on the vehicle, but it can also cause damage to various systems in the car itself. Individuals who have newer cars should be sure to keep the cameras and sensors as clean as possible. During the winter, drivers are encouraged to keep these various sensors in mind as they clean in order to make sure that their car's functionality is not impaired.

If the backup camera gets too dirty, drivers will have a much harder time using it to watch how and where they back up. In order to better clean this camera, it is important to simply find the exposed lens and wipe away any grime on it carefully to avoid damage.

These systems are designed to help drivers manage their surroundings much more efficiently as they park. In order to clean, use a soft cloth to wipe away any visible debris from the surrounding bumper sensors. Avoid damaging them, and use circular motions to clean the section.

Try to remove as much snow and salt from the panels as possible in order to allow them to detect objects out of the view. Because of how sensitive this system is, it is important for all individuals to clean carefully to avoid damage.

The radar sensors are equally important to clean as well, but these may need replacement as well depending on how old they are. In an older vehicle, replacing these sensors can provide individuals with better feedback in the future.

The forward system should be cleaned especially well because of how much grime tends to accumulate at the front of the car. If this system is not kept as clean as possible, it may result in weaker sensing in the future. 

In addition to regular cleaning, it is strongly recommended for drivers to keep their cars in good condition with regular check-ups. Keep the car maintained in order to reduce the risk of issues in the future, and always follow the driver's manual if you are not sure how to proceed.