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Car Safety Tips for Your Kids During Winter Driving

December 16, 2016

Car Safety Tips for Your Kids During Winter Driving

With temperatures dropping and winter fast approaching, parents are bundling up their kids in warm coats and jackets to protect them from the cold. However, studies show that this could result in difficulties during driving. It is important to be mindful of what coat they wear when it is time to put them in their booster seats in the car. Puffy coats and ones made with slick, waterproof materials may be dangerous under a seat belt because they can result in slippage and potential tearing.

Safety experts have found that in order for the child's seat to be as protective as possible, it needs to be as close and snug against the body as possible. The more comfortable and close fitting it is, the better it can keep the child in place in the event of a collision. Winter can make this difficult, as parents may dress their children in more layers, and the more layers of clothing that the child wear, the harder it is for the seat belt to fit comfortably and tightly enough to maximize protection. When the seat belt compresses on impact, the gap between the layers and the child could be larger enough to let the child slip through and cause potential injury.

Fortunately, however, it can be easy to prepare your child for winter driving safety by following a few simple tips.

Always begin by warming up the vehicle prior to getting inside. This can be a great way to reduce the need for you and your child to wear so many layers.

Similarly, you can invest in tighter materials, such as fleece or cotton in order to provide your child with more traction in the event of a collision.

Keep a blanket in the car as well. Not only can this help improve the friction between the seat belt and the child, but they may also enjoy the car ride more. 

Additionally, it is important to check out the fit of the booster seat in the first place. Make sure that the belt works as desired and that there are no problems with any of the clasps, which could result in them coming undone. If you are not sure how your seat belts are holding up, it is recommended for you to have your car inspected in order to keep it safe and well maintained.