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Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

May 17, 2017

Electric Car Sales are Steadily Rising in Europe

With so much electric vehicle technology slowly becoming readily available all over the world, it is not surprising that so many countries are starting to open up to the idea of electric vehicles overtaking gas-powered ones on the roads. Americans, in particular, are embracing the idea of electric cars more and more as the technology continues to improve, but new vehicle data shows that an increasing number of Europeans are viewing electric vehicles as a favorable investment as well. Coupled with the development of a broad variety of new electric vehicles and improved methods to optimize their driving, this changing landscape promises to be extremely lucrative and beneficial for auto manufacturers all over the world.

Statistical data shows that sales of battery-powered vehicles had increased 38 percent in the very first quarter, when some models, including the Renault SA's Zoe drew in new buyers in Spain and Germany. This is a tremendous increase when compared to the gain of 2.9 percent for all electric car sales made in the past year. 

Registrations for the vehicles, which is an advantageous proxy for sales, makes it easier for interested new shoppers to begin purchasing battery-powered cars, with the increase documented to be at 32,627 from the previous 23,703, based on numbers taken in Norway, Switzerland and other countries all over Europe. While this surge still could not match the demand in America, the market is still showing to be incredibly favorable for electric car sales. In the United States, electric car sales rose a whopping 49 percent in the period, to a massive 40,700 units. 

Some of the most renowned manufacturers reaping the benefits of these sales include the Volkswagen AG, the BMW AG and the Daimler AG. These brands are sprinting to improve their electric car line-up in order to keep up with emission standards. In order to keep up with the changing ecological climate, government regulators are introducing new incentives and pledging larger investments in the changing industry in order to provide drivers with more options when it comes to electric vehicles.

Though regional sales have been improving with the introduction of new technology, there are still many people who are not interested in purchasing electric vehicles to keep up with the changing landscape. However, many believe that as regulations and incentives increase, car manufacturers will be able to provide drivers with more impressive options that are designed to optimize the driving experience, until there is little difference between driving an electric vehicle and a gas-powered one. Fans of electric cars are pleased with sales increases, as they imply that future changes to electric vehicles will be made with the consumer's comfort and experience in mind.