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Google Maps Updates Itself for the Benefit of Android Users

April 29, 2015

Google Maps Updates Itself for the Benefit of Android Users

How did people ever get around without Google Maps? Even though it hasn’t been around for long, it’s hard for most motorists to imagine doing without it. And while Google Maps seems perfect as it is, Google apparently feels that there’s room for improvement. 

As reported by Android Police, Google is updating its über-popular Google Maps app for Android smartphones. The latest version, Google Maps 9.8, isn’t a huge departure from the Google Maps users know and love, but the tweaks are designed to increase convenience and secure information.

The latest update will include these three key features:

1. Upload Multiple Images

Users can now conveniently select multiple location images to upload simultaneously. These images can be shared with other Google Maps users.

2. Conceal Personal Information

Users can also conceal their private information from the view of others. This extends to sensitive data such as reservations and flight schedules.

3. Adjusted Visual Interface

Some minor visual changes were made to the Google Maps Android Wear interface. The main difference is that the final destination map pin will now feature a small red dot for identification purposes.

Users can still access saved information like home and work locations with the latest update. It’s just as well, since the previous version of Maps will no longer be available once v. 9.8 becomes the standard. 

You can download the latest version of Google Maps via APK Mirror.

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