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Honda Makes Plans for Family of Green Vehicles

April 19, 2017

Honda Makes Plans for Family of Green Vehicles

The Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has already been turning heads as a part of the Honda family in California for several years now. Though it has been an excellent vehicle intended for quick driving, Honda is making plans to expand its Clarity line. The brand is focusing on providing drivers with a newer and roomier five-seat version. Not only does this promise to provide fans of the brand with plenty of driving opportunities for more family-oriented trips, but the brand is also focusing on providing drivers with two new Clarity options that do not run on hydrogen fuel, which can be harder to find. Fans of the brand are especially excited because the Honda Clarity Hybrid, which is designed to be a plug-in vehicle, will come available in every state in the country. This is all part of long-term plans to make the Clarity more accessible for interested drivers, moving away from its California-only position.

Test drivers who has the opportunity to take the hydrogen-fuel car for a spin were pleased with the results. The car was able to handle well, and the experience itself was not unlike driving an electric car. Drivers were pleased with the largely silent drive, though some critics had said they would have prefered a louder drive to simulate the feel of a gas engine. Ultimately, hydrogen vehicles work like electric ones. They are driven by similar electric motors, but the vehicle does not store energy in battery packs. Instead, the car is powered by running the hydrogen gas through fuel cell stacks, where the hydrogen combines with the oxygen in the air. This generates electricity, and the car's only emission is water as a result of the process. 

Experts found that the Honda Clarity Hybrid option will be able to go for up to 42 miles solely on electricity before the gasoline engine takes over. This can provide drivers with over 330 miles of maximum driving range. Unlike many fuel cell cars, the hybrid is expected to be available at an affordable $35,000 in all 50 states. Though this is a welcome change, the Clarity Electric may not be able to provide as much mileage. The pure-electric option can only offer 80 miles of driving range, a fraction of many other competitors in the field, like what is available with the Chevrolet Bolt.

However, the driving range may be ideal for those who are interested in family-oriented city driving. As Honda points out, the new mid-sized Clarity electric vehicle is going to be much roomier and bigger than many other longer-range electric car options. 80 miles is expected to be a comfortable distance for those who do not plan on driving for extended periods of time outside of a daily routine.