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How Amazon Echo Will Change the Way You Drive

November 7, 2017

How Amazon Echo Will Change the Way You Drive

Quick challenge!  What are some of the best affordable technologies to emerge in the last five years?  Don’t strain too hard here.  Just think about this question for only a few more seconds. 

Did the Amazon Echo make your list?  Known by many simply as “Alexa,” this clever device changed the way we work our homes.  Everything from dimming lights to cheesy little tech jokes and fun facts all became quickly accessible by just calling, “Alexa!” Here’s even our own fun fact about Alexa.  Last year, the Echo was the spotlight of Amazon’s first-ever Super Bowl ad. That’s saying something considering Amazon’s size and influence.

Despite all the fun Amazon’s Alexa brings us, there’s just one small issue you might have encountered.  She doesn’t work so great on the go.  Sure, there’s the smartphone app.  But what about those times you’re driving to work and need to hear a quick traffic update?  Or when your kid is frantically trying to finish a science project on the way to school and needs to know the size of the moon? We all know checking your phone in traffic is not a great idea. 

Thankfully, some of the largest automotive big names announced their plans to integrate the Amazon Echo in their future cars, including Ford, BMW, and Infinity. 

So, are you ready to learn how having Amazon’s Alexa in your car will instantly change the way you drive?  Then let’s jump into some known facts!


Granting the Amazon Echo Access To Your Car for an Easier Morning Routine 

When it comes to connecting Alexa to your car, there’s two ways you can go about this.  One is the simple DIY approach of buying an echo dot and manually installing it in your car.  The other is allowing the automakers to pre-install this Amazon tech in your car before you buy.  While the DIY approach allows instant access to the fun, the latter method definitely offers some perks you won’t want to miss.

With Alexa pre-installed in your car, you allow Amazon access to some pretty nice features.  Just say the word and your Amazon Echo will lock and unlock your doors for you.  Or perhaps it's a cold morning where you don’t want to run outside any more than you need.  In this case, the remote start feature will get your car’s engine running without needing to leave keys in the ignition—all from the warm inside of your home.

Certain brands such as BMW and Ford up the ante by offering vehicle information. You might ask how this feature could be useful.  But how often have you left your house late only to find you need to spend an extra eight minutes to drive to a gas station since you forgot your car is running on fumes?  With this feature, Alexa will tell you how much gas is remaining in your car.  So you can plan for those days you need to leave a bit early.


Here’s Why You’ll Want the Amazon Echo Inside Your Car

So, we’ve discussed the fun of allowing Amazon Alexa to control your car from inside your home.  But what if you want to talk to your echo during your drives? 

With the new automotive apps, this will soon be a possibility.  If you already know what the echo does, the features more or less remain the same—only now from inside your car. 

This means you can ask Alexa for any weather and traffic updates during your morning commute.  Sick of hearing the AM hosts discuss current events?  No problem, just ask Alexa for a flash briefing to hear snippets of the latest news.  And, of course, you can always ask the Echo to play and resume audio books, play songs, answer questions, and all that other fun stuff.

Have you ever wanted to control your car with your voice?  Infinity will offer this feature to an extent with its Echo integration.  Just ask, and your car will flash its lights and honk its horn.

Did you forget to turn on your home’s lights for your furry dog friends awaiting your return? That’s another worry you’ll be able to forgo, as Amazon’s Alexa will even control certain home features from your car if she’s connected.


Final Thoughts About Amazon Echo for your Cars 

There’s no denying that adding the Amazon Echo to your car will add tons of convenience to your daily life.  Even better, you won’t need to wait long before you can by a car with Alexa at your command. 

BMW mentioned Amazon Echo will enter its cars in mid-2018.  Certain Mini models already have the feature for you to begin using. 

Other manufacturers, such as Ford, Infinity, and Nissan, will fall more in line with BMWs plans for 2018 integration.  So it won’t be long before Amazon’s Alexa is a standard feature for your car.