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Lincoln Gets Rid of MK Naming

January 18, 2018

Lincoln Gets Rid of MK Naming

After years of customer complaints and confusion, Lincoln is showing that they are listening to their customers. The brand is going to ditch their “MK” naming scheme and give their models entirely new and creative names.


The first name to go is the MKX. The MKX will now be known as the Nautilus starting with the 2019 model that will be available for purchase in spring of next year.


Rumors of Lincoln dropping the MK naming scheme popped up when the brand replaced the MKS with the Continental. Dropping the naming scheme has come at a time of resurgence for the brand. Lincoln is currently experiencing their fourth consecutive year of rising sales in the US. Getting rid of the often-confusing names may even lead to even greater sales for the brand, by eliminating the frustration surrounding not being able to correctly remember the exact model name.


Lincoln dropping the MK naming sets the brand apart from other luxury automakers that usually give their cars alphabetical names (Lexus LS) or they give models alphanumeric names ( BMW X1 or Audi Q8). With the MK naming, consumers had a hard time differentiating the models from one another. It also didn’t help that the third letters in the name often sounded alike (MKZ sounds very close to MKC).


The new model names are meant to evoke thoughts of travel in the minds of consumers. Nautilus and Continental are names that fit the travel theme Lincoln wants to adhere to, to reflect Lincoln’s journey towards becoming a luxury automotive power player.


Along with renaming their vehicles, Lincoln is also updating the exterior and the interior of their models. For example, the Nautilus will have the new mesh grille design that the brand has also implemented on other redesigned vehicles. The overall exterior design of the vehicles is a lot sleeker and smoother. The cars do not have the sharp or jarring edges that models of the past had. The new designs are very cohesive and give the vehicles a sense of harmony. In terms of interior, the Nautilus will be getting a lot more legroom and headroom, as well as a 22-position seat. These factors play a major part when consumers decide what type of midsize vehicle they want to buy. 


The newly redesigned vehicles will also come with driver-assist technologies that will help drivers stay safe on the road. Some of the technologies include pre-collision warning and blind-spot monitoring. The 2019 models will also include a new feature called evasive steering, which allows the car to assist the driver by steering the wheel for them in order to avoid a car accident.


Lincoln has experienced a strong resurgence in the past few years. Sales have been going up and the brand is making its way back to the forefront of consumers’ minds when luxury vehicles are discussed. Lincoln’s newly renamed models could possibly add to Lincoln’s newfound good fortune. The names are iconic and easy to remember and give consumers a sense of wanderlust. For any automaker, making consumers want to travel when they hear the name of their vehicle should be a goal. Will Lincoln’s new naming system catch on with other luxury car brands? If Lincoln’s new plan turns out to be a success, then other brands may soon follow suit.

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