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Luxury Features We Didn't Know We Wanted

October 31, 2017

Luxury Features We Didn't Know We Wanted

Think about the ideal car.  What are some features that come to mind?  For many, it's those explosive 0-60 mph times.  But for others, it’s not so much about the sporty performance of the car.  Instead, some of us care a bit more about the features inside the car.  It’s this logic that prompts many of us to buy luxury vehicles—for the comfort and cool features to show off to our friends.

But what exactly are some of the top luxury features? Sure, you always have the obvious choices such as dual climate controls and comfortable seats, but today’s cars are only becoming more innovative.  Along the way, we keep seeing newer features we never knew we wanted—but after trying them, we don’t see how we could ever again drive a car without them.  So, are you curious to learn some of the most fun luxury features of the modern car anyone can afford?  Then read along with us to learn about the functions to check when shopping for your next vehicle!


Apple Car Play and Android Auto

We’re not going to lie—infotainment systems are pretty cool.  Not only do they offer a fun touchscreen to control our cars’ functions, but they also help in eliminating one of the biggest distractions while driving—the use of mobile phones.  With the help of Apple Car Play and Android Auto, these systems offer a means of controlling vital features of our phones in a hands-free manner. 

As far as functions go, both of these features offer all the smartphone essentials you’ll need when driving—music, navigation, and talk/ text.  Even better, both of these systems are easy to operate.  Once you hook up your phone, the infotainment screen becomes a concise version of your smart device’s home screen.  From here, you use your voice to control all else—in the case of the Apple Car Play, you simply let Siri take control.  Furthermore, both platforms allow for the download of extra apps, such as Spotify.  In other words, you’re even getting radio alternatives here.  


Heated Steering Wheels

We all know heated seats make a great addition to any car, and that’s the exact reason they didn’t make our list—they’re a feature most drivers are already aware of. 

However, when looking for a car, heated steering wheels probably aren’t the first thing on your mind.  Allow us to say that this feature is one of the best luxury options to combat those brisk autumn and winter mornings. 

If you think about it, this feature makes perfect sense.  Heat enters and escapes your body from your hands quickly.  Thus, the steering wheel acts as a great place to quickly warm your cold hands.  With this feature, long gone are the days of driving with gloves or stiff fingers.  In fact, once you try this feature, you’ll never again want to grasp a cold leather steering wheel.


Ventilated Seats

Are cold days not an issue for you?  Then what about those warm or disgustingly humid summer days?  There’s no denying that sweat is a quick way to ruin any first impression. 

Thankfully, ventilated seats save the day here.  This luxury feature places a fan inside each of your car’s seats.  From here, the seats connect to your car’s air conditioning to blow a nice cool breeze on your body while you drive.

No longer will you need to worry about sweat ruining your suit for a business meeting or an important date.  Even if you don’t sweat much during your drives, who could argue with the luxury of air conditioning blowing at our backs, creating an even faster cool down?


Wi-Fi/ Cellular Data

At first glance, a car with built-in Wi-Fi might seem slightly outdated in the world of smartphones and unlimited data plans; but take your work on the go or grab some friends for a lengthy road trip, and you’ll quickly learn why Wi-Fi is such a stellar modern luxury feature. 

We could sit here and list countless reasons why you (and your passengers) would want internet connectivity for your drives; but the bigger question on your mind likely involves why you’d choose built-in Wi-Fi over your smartphone’s cellular data.  The answer is pretty simple.  If you’ve ever used your phone as a hotspot, you already know the connection speed can be pretty slow—even worse when more people connect.  This issue mostly disappears with any car’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.  Even better, the car’s antenna generally provides a stronger and more consistent signal than any current mobile device.  Plus, there’s no denying that mobile hotspots kill your battery.

After trying it once, built-in Wi-Fi is another one of those modern luxury features that you’ll always want in your car.