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Porsche Reveals Details Regarding New Electric Vehicle

March 7, 2018

Porsche Reveals Details Regarding New Electric Vehicle

With new electric vehicle developments available every week, fans of the budding market will be excited to learn that more and more auto manufacturing giants are beginning to join the developmental trend. It has already been quite some time since the Tesla brand proved that electric cars do not need to be a particularly difficult or ambitious project. Top brands have already announced their releases for the Geneva Motor Show, which is scheduled to take place early in March. Among these brands are Jaguar: planning on revealing its I-Pace, Audi: planning on revealing its E-Tron and Porsche: planning on revealing its Mission E.

Porsche' Mission E promises to be a sleek, attractive four-door vehicle capable of reaching 600 horsepower with a range of 310 miles through the use of a 95kWh battery pack. When the project was first revealed in 2015, many auto-enthusiasts were excited about the development, and the fan reaction was all that Porsche needed to greenlight their program.

More and more details are becoming available regarding the future of the new Porsche electric vehicle. Its development plans to improve accessibility for all types of intereste buyers, and there are plans set for a high-speed charging network to improve long-term ownership and general convenience. Stefan Weckbach, who is the head of battery electric vehicles at the Porsche group has said that customers should expect the new vehicle to still feel just like any real Porsche. Even without an internal combustion engine, representatives are confident that the vehicle will handle just as well as any other car in their line-up. The new fully electric Porsche vehicle will be perfect fit for the brand's name.

Though electric powertrains might still be relatively new to the brand, Porsche has had ample opportunity to experiment with the right balance through the 919 Hybrid race car. The testing allowed technicians to keep up with Tesla systems and determine how they may better select the right options to fit with their brand's needs. Despite the powertrain concern, the rest of the vehicle's packaging required careful attention as well. Many of the same challenges faced the brand's development of the vehicle's exterior, interior, overall chassis, braking system, and etc. As such, this is where technicians had the opportunity to work with the vehicle to make it fit with the rest of the brand's lineup. 

In addition to many of the same classic developments in physical specs, technicians had the chance to work with new electronic architecture. All types of new systems, including well-sized screens, head-up displays and digital services for over-the-air functions are scheduled for availability with the Mission E. Many fans are excited for the grand unveiling, hoping to take the new vehicle as a sign of things to come from the famous auto brand.

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