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Rinspeed Oasis: A Garden Inside a Car?

March 23, 2018

Rinspeed Oasis: A Garden Inside a Car?

Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all in the auto and technology world, another car may prove you wrong. Rinspeed, a Swiss automaker has been thinking outside the box, or rather inside the car with their new concept car. The new innovative vehicle was revealed at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show and may now be even closer to coming to a dealership near you.

Not only does this car have nearly every tech amenity that the auto industry has been buzzing about but it also will appeal to drivers who are earth-friendly, have a green thumb, or appreciate the tranquility of nature. Along with its self-driving technologies and tech that will notify you of when a traffic light will turn from red to green, this car, aptly named Oasis, has a garden area located just behind the windshield. 

Rinspeed said this garden area has enough space to grow radishes or small Bonsai trees. A small window allows you access to the plants. Here you can also change the temperature or the air circulation to provide the best growing environment for your greenery. The Oasis has a futuristic look with large windows to let the light in. 

Rinspeed designed this vehicle to be privately owned or as a part of a ride-sharing fleet that can be accessed with a Tinder-like app. The app will allow potential riders to swipe through available cars going their way in order to select their own co-passenger. The app would show a picture of the other rider and display profile information. 

This self-driving electric vehicle can exceed 80 mph and can accelerate to 60 mph in only 9.7 seconds. Inside you will also find a large curved widescreen display that includes voice and gesture controls and a Harman interactive display system that allows you to watch movies, be forewarned of obstacles or traffic problems, and to communicate with other vehicles. 

Other small features set the Oasis apart such as retractable air vents and spinning seats allowing for easier entry and exiting. Furthermore, when the car is in autonomous mode, the steering wheel can fold down. A heads-up display can give guidance with turning when the Oasis is being driven. A built-in keyboard allows you to make this car your mobile office and also has 2 cup holders to hold your coffee.

It may seem like this vehicle requires a lot of power for all of its technology and gadgets, energy needs are offset by collecting solar power. If you do run low on power and are not near a charging station, small robots carrying battery packs can come to your aide. You can use the battery packs until you can charge at a charging station.

For now, the Oasis remains just a concept car. However, we may see this car or others like it come to fruition in the near future.

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