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Safety During Winter Driving

December 24, 2017

Safety During Winter Driving

Driving in the winter can be difficult, even for those who have many years of experience. Did you know that three in five drivers (61%) lose control of their vehicle during winter driving? About three quarters of drivers feel nervous driving during the winter, while nearly 64% of drivers actually avoid driving completely if the forecast predicts snow. However, it is not necessary for you to stop driving if you are properly prepared. 

Tires are among the least-mentioned safety features on a vehicle. Many people are unaware of the important role that tires play in the safe operation of your vehicle during winter. Most cars are equipped with all-season tires, but if you live in a place that receives heavy snowfall and severe winter weather, all-season tires may be insufficient. Although they are designed to perform in most weather conditions, they are not built to handle the worst of winter weather. 

Winter tires are specifically designed to keep you safe on the road in a wide range of weather conditions, including wet roads, icy surfaces, and snow-covered streets. They improve your grip on slick surfaces and shorten the distance required to stop. 

Let Your Lights Shine
Your headlights and brake lights should be inspected in order to make sure that they are functioning correctly. Working lights are especially important during fog, heavy rain or snow. You can get your lights checked out and repaired at an auto shop or your dealership.

Check Your Wiper Blades
Your wipers should be in good working condition. Check them for worn places and replace them if needed. You should also purchase washer fluid with antifreeze to ensure that you can maintain visibility during inclement weather.

Be Prepared
Never leave your home during the winter without a fully stocked emergency kit. Include gloves or mittens, a heavy blanket, emergency flares, a shovel, a flashlight, extra batteries, a cell phone charger, an emergency contact list and food and water.

Battery Check
The life of your vehicle’s battery is greatly decreased by cold weather. Before the cold sets in, have your auto mechanic check your car battery to ensure it is in top condition. You should always have jumper cables in your car as well in case you ever need a jump. You might also be able to help someone else should the opportunity arise!