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Audi Prepares for a Hard Brexit

If the United Kingdom, Audi’s second largest European market, leaves the EU without a trade deal, the automaker will be prepared for the worst. Alexander Seitz, Chief Financial Officer for Audi, made a statement that the “automaker [is] minimizing risks relat[ed] to … foreign exchange exposure, supply chain and logistics.” Britain is set to leave the EU on March 29 without

Audi Takes its First Step Into the Coupe Crossover Segment

Audi is dipping its toes into the coupe crossover pool with its launch of the 2019 Q8. In competition with the BMW X6 and the Range Rover Velar, the Q8 is a fresh design for Audi, one that is sure to appeal to all types of car buyers. The coupe’s exterior features a sloped hood and a sleek body while the thick black band that connects the vehicle’s slatted taillights embodies the spiri

Audi Planning to Work with Huawei on Connected Car Tech

Some of the most highly-regarded tech developments in recent years focus on connectivity and the internet of things. Through a stronger degree of connectivity, professionals believe that individuals will have better access to their devices, establishing better reliability and accessibility. From smart fridges to the lights in a home, individuals can look forward to improved convenience when it com

Just How High Tech is the Audi Q5?

Luxury cars with upgraded technologies generally come with a price tag of at or near six figures. However, the 2018 Audi Q5 is breaking this mold and so much so that it was given the Kelley Blue Book 2018 Best Auto Tech Award for a luxury brand. A standard version comes in at under $45,000 and doesn’t even reach $60,000 when purchased fully loaded.Since 2009, the Audi Q5 has been one of the

Audi Recalls 330,000 Cars in Germany

In December of 2017, the automaker Audi, a division of Volkswagen, recalled 330,000 of their cars and crossover vehicles in Germany. The recall was issued in relation to potential electrical connection problems with the auxiliary heater, in fact, it could cause fires. Models A4, A5, A5 Cabriolet and Q5 manufactured between April of 2011 and May of 2015 were all affected by the recall. No actual

2018 Cars We Are Looking Forward To

2017 was a great year for cars. With 2018 just around the corner, here are three interesting models that we are looking forward to seeing and testing out in the new year. Lexus LS The 2018 Lexus LS is a thing of beauty. The luxury sedan has a horsepower of 416, can go from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds, and estimates about 28 miles per gallon when highway driving. Lexus made sure to make the

Audi’s Plan to Go Electric

Audi has announced an ambitious goal of releasing 15 to 20 electric models by the year 2025. By the year 2030, they want every model in their fleet to be electric. Audi is the latest car brand to join in on the electric revolution. As European countries plan to phase out and ban the sale of gasoline, the demand for electric cars will increase and car companies will need to prove that they can keep

Automatic Braking Projected to be Standard by 2022

With technology constantly advancing towards self-driving vehicles, it is not surprising that so many automakers are planning on taking components of the self-driving technology and applying them to their own vehicles. As the march towards driverless vehicles continues, realistic goals are being set for vehicular changes, such as in many of the safety features offered by modern cars. Even though d

Audi Quattro Lunar Rover

It seems times are tough for Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG). After their diesel disaster they are preemptively faltering for balance from the fiscal hit they are about to receive from various governmental organizations. One of the automakers under the VW AG umbrella, has resulted to fundraising by bounty hunting in space, and it only makes me more fond of them. Audi Quattro technology will be used

Audi e-tron Evolution

Hybrid technology picked up steam (or took charge) in the 70s during the oil crisis. It was not widely implemented, but it was heavily researched. The first major company with a feasible evolved electric hybrid was actually Audi in 1989 with their 100 Avant based Duo, but it was scrapped duo to the excessive weight of the batteries. Then came the Prius. It was the first hybrid that made no major