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The Race to the Road: Autonomous Shuttles vs. Driverless Cars

Ever since the inception of autonomous vehicle technologies, car manufacturers and tech companies alike have been racing to put the best product on the market first and to continually improve their technology. It appears that shared autonomous vehicles are beating the personal driverless car in the race to the road. Companies like Waymo, GM's Cruise, Lyft, Uber, Baidu, Tesla, and others continue d

Waymo Partners with Insurance Firm to Cover Autonomous Vehicle Riders

Insurance startup company Trov is now partnering with Waymo, a descendant of Google, to give trip-based insurance coverage to riders who are in autonomous vehicles. This partnership was announced in December of 2017 and is making history with one of the first attempts to get insurance practices on board with mobility service insurance instead of driver insurance.Trov and Waymo intend to provide lo

Ford Believes Hybrids Are Best for Autonomous Cars

Electric vehicles, as well as autonomous vehicles, are gaining interest from many consumers and commercial companies. Many companies are choosing to combine these technologies. Lyft, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz have paired their self-driving car trials with electric vehicles. However, Ford Motor Company reported in December of 2017 that they intend to keep experimenting with fossil fuels in the auto

Uber Autonomous

Uber has officially made its presence known in the race for an autonomous auto. After; what seems like; every automotive entity has made gains in the area of autonomy, Uber has joined the exclusive ranks of public testing. Those that reside or visit Pittsburgh have a chance to see Uber’s fleet of Ford Fusions driving about the city. Unlike other more inconspicuous autonomous autos testing on

Apple: Autonomous Driving Data and Didi Chuxing

Recently, Apple Inc. invested $1 Billion into an Uber competitor in China; Didi Chuxing. On the surface that is a rather uninteresting story. However, there are a number of details, that give the story more color, and allow onlookers to cast conjectures as to what Apple’s intentions are. The key detail that opens the story up to speculations is that fact that Didi Chuxing by no means needs $1 bil

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Courts Google

The most consistent criticism against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been that they are behinds the times, in terms of automotive technology. That is actually a valid argument. Sergio Marchionne has prioritized quantity over quality in order to get Fiat Chrysler Automobiles back onto clear waters. That technique is not unique to FCA. Countless automakers employed that exact same mass product

Learning to Drive: Double Standard

This is not true of the whole world, but the amount of ‘learning’ necessary to be allowed on the streets is dreadful. In the US, all that is necessary is test of common sense and a demonstrated aptitude of deciphering street signs. The only real learning necessary is how to appease the proctor in a 15 minute drive The driving test itself is about as close to a literal walk in the park as is possi

Learning to Drive... Poorly

There are quite a few vested interests, learning how to teach computers to drive. It is not just automakers and Google either; there are countless start-ups in various countries attacking our lack of computerized chauffeurs. Unfortunately, with all this focus on algorithms, people have forgotten to teach humans how to drive properly. Common commuters are the worst. They are egotistical, aggressive

Impressive Impreza

Subaru chose the New York International Auto Show, to debut their 5th Generation Impreza. This model may prove to be the brand’s most significant release ever. Beyond the maturation of the brand’s backbone, the 2017 Subaru Impreza is also introducing the company’s brand new modular platform. Modularity has a litany of benefits, but their cost is the sacrifice of (by definition) peculiarities. Fo

Autonomous Auto Anatomy: Nervous System

While we think the idea of an autonomous auto as a relatively new one, it has been gestating for over four decades. The anatomy of an autonomous auto has been developing since the introduction of an Anti-lock braking system (ABS). While it is normally thought of as an automotive process, the first vehicle to have an antilock braking technology was actually a plane in 1929. Anti-lock brakes work b