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Cadillac is Returning to Business as Usual

Cadillac (in anthropomorphic form) experienced consecutive heart attacks in 1985 and 1986. The company may not have publicized it, but the release of the BMW M5 and the Mercedes AMG ‘Hammer’ (respective to the previously mentioned years) rattled the core of the company named after the discoverer of Detroit. In the years before their release, Cadillac’s revered badge graced the hood of most luxury

Cadillac is as Adept as Always

It is no secret that Cadillac has not been thriving as of late. It is unfortunate, because General Motors (new GM) really turned their tides after the financial collapse. Chevrolet has received repeated praise for their post bankruptcy craftsmanship; and their sales have been proportional to the plaudits. What has not been as thoroughly promulgated, is that Cadillac is and has been building a whol

Cadillac CT6: A New Breed

Cadillac has finally turned back to its roots. Instead of trying to compete with German Luxury Sports Sedans, they have reworked the formula entirely around the premise: agility is not a requisite of luxury. When riding in the lap of luxury, there there is no rush; you will get to your destination when the time is right. The first to fit the old mold of pre-80s Caddies, is the Cadillac CT6. Thus,