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Happy Birthday to You, Enzo Ferrari!

Today would have been the 118th birthday of Enzo Ferrari (pictured). Of course, Ferrari himself isn’t here to celebrate the occasion, as he passed away nearly two decades ago. Still, while he may longer be with us, his legacy as the founder of Ferrari undoubtedly lives on to this day. To honor said legacy, the Italian luxury sports carmaker is naming February 18 Enzo Ferrari Day. Ferrari (the aut

The Borg-Like Fiat Chrysler Wants to Merge with YOU

Say, did you hear the one about Fiat Chrysler CEO and black sweater aficionado Sergio Marchionne looking to merge with his company with another automaker? There’s no punchline to this joke, although we’ve had a few laughs over Marchionne’s merger attempts. For those of you who believe that repetition is a key element in comedy, Marchionne didn’t disappoint with his latest remarks. The outspoken F

Ferrari S.p.A. Races Ahead

The Ferrari S.p.A. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is today. Sergio Marchionne has been patiently waiting for this day, for months now. Reason being: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) stands to gain at least $4 billion from the aforementioned IPO (and other ramifications surrounding the IPO). Fortunately, for Ferrari S.p.A. (but mostly FCA) the RACE icon (Ferrari N.V. is trading under the aforemention

Ferrari S.p.A. Is Going Public

Ferrari S.p.A is almost undisputedly the most iconic name in the history of tools for transportation (‘tools’ implying that animals and forces of nature are not included; ‘name’ excluding the wheel). The auto manufacturer had a reputation in the racing industry before even going commercial; now its pedigree is above reproach; it is the best... period (unless of course you are following the current

Ferrari S.p.A. May Save FCA

Ferrari S.p.A is easily one of (if not) the most iconic automaker in the world. Their automotive miracles have never not been plastered all over kids bedrooms (I still own a 360 Modena poster though it no longer graces my wall). Lucky for FCA, they actually own Ferrari S.p.A, and it just may save them in the long run. FCA has been growing like a chicken on hormones thanks to Sergio Marchionne. Wi

Remember the Name: Ferrari Dino

If asked what I think is the greatest automaker of all time, the answer is simple, Ferrari. Sadly though, I have not been as keen on them as of late. If asked simply, who makes the best car currently, I would need a qualifier, otherwise my answer would vary between a few options. I am more likely to been seen in my car than to be racing it. Because of that, I do not think the Italian stallion mak