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Autonomous Auto Technology Is Ready

Technology is especially hard to enforce because legislators frequently have a hard time understanding it. Given its longevity, and propensity for prompt proliferous progress, the automotive industry is of the best acquainted with congressional ignorance. An excellent contemporary illustration is the Apple encryption case. Lawmakers have a fundamental misunderstanding of the crux of that case. R

Uber and Taxi: Escalation

A few short years ago, in the days before Uber, Taxis were the only source of private public transportation. All the other options were that of mass transportation, i.e. planes, trains, and automo-... buses. Taxis, actually fell under luxury transportation, like limos and rickshaws. Uber has introduced a whole new medium of transport, one in which both the rider and the rider feel an escalation in

OwnStar Web Expands

Samy Kamkar is Security researcher; who, earlier this month; exposed a vulnerability in GM or more specifically OnStar’s programming with a device he called OwnStar. Before heading to last week’s annual Def Con in Las Vegas, he showed the Zero Day to GM and OnStar for them to quickly address the problem. Despite this, he still had a few Zero Days to expose at the Hacking conference. N

Trouble on the Throne: Volkswagen Hack

The Volkswagen Auto Group has been one of the top sellers for as long as I can remember. They have always produced a steady stream of cars coming from every part of the auto spectrum, excluding pickup trucks but including lorries. For the first half of 2015 the auto sales throne has been relinquished to the Volkswagen Auto Group from Toyota Motor company, but there is trouble on the way for the Au

Tesla Model S Updates Auto Industry

By now, the Tesla Model S is on everyone’s radar. Hate it or love it, everyone knows about it. The competitors are trying to emulate and abrogate its sales, the average auto buyers are craving and saving to afford it, and petrol companies recoil in disgust and mistrust, hoping it rusts and combusts. But bias aside, the Tesla Model S updated the auto industry into the 21st century. I have driven m

Tesla Patches Hole in Model S Vehicle Security

Hackers exploiting security loopholes in vehicle technology seems to be a prevailing trend in the auto industry. The latest such vehicle security scandal has touched Tesla Motors, whose Model S engine was turned off by enterprising researchers whose results were published by Wired. To be fair, Tesla was able to address their vehicle hacking issues in a more expeditious manner than did Fiat Chrysl

Fiat Chrysler Denies Slow Response to Vehicle Hacking Problem

Whoever said there there’s no such thing as bad publicity might question that statement if she saw the few weeks that Fiat Chrysler was having. The beleaguered Italian-American automaker is once again in the news—and not in a good way—as more information regarding its 1.4 million vehicle recall comes to light. Fiat Chrysler is now contending with allegations that they waited 18 months to disclose

Vehicle Hacking: Temporary Nuisance or Disturbing Trend? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: One could’ve reasonably expected that Harman would respond to the vehicle hacking allegations and, sure enough, they’ve issued a rebuttal. In a Reuters interview, Harman Chief Executive Dinesh Paliwal said that he believed that the problem was limited to the 1.4 million vehicles recently recalled by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We do not believe this problem exists in any other car outs

OnStar or OwnStar?

It seems that hacking cars is the new big thing, and GM’s Onstar has been the latest victim. One of the Defcon Events will actually be to Hack a Tesla Model S Live on stage. This will be the first live debuting of an automotive Zero-day. OwnStar as it was dubbed by its creator has the capability of tricking the car into thinking a hacker is the car’s owner using the OnStar Mobile app. This hack i

U.S. Gov’t Flags FCA for Vehicle Safety Violations (UPDATED)

UPDATE: In a statement, FCA corrects some erroneous reports regarding the scope of the NHTSA vehicle safety recall. FCA will still offer to repurchase vehicles encompassed in its three most recent recall campaigns—2008 through 2012 chassis cab, 2009 through 2011 light duty and 2008 through 2012 heavy duty Ram Trucks—if those vehicles weren’t previously fixed. Alternatively, owners can still keep