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Porsche Reveals Details Regarding New Electric Vehicle

With new electric vehicle developments available every week, fans of the budding market will be excited to learn that more and more auto manufacturing giants are beginning to join the developmental trend. It has already been quite some time since the Tesla brand proved that electric cars do not need to be a particularly difficult or ambitious project. Top brands have already announced their releas

Volkswagen's Electric Distraction

After being burned via (the lungs in particulate) diesel emissions, Volkswagen Auto Group (VW AG) has started to electrify everything (primarily Porsche). Many might believe it is a marketing ploy; that it is all in response to the scandal, but that is not true. Even before the diesel disaster; the auto group was using the excesses generated by Audi and Porsche to develop interchangeable modal e

Porsche on a Mission E to Beat Tesla

When you’re top gun, everyone’s gonna come gunning for you. Every automaker from Mercedes to Audi—and even tech companies like Apple—claims to have an electric battery-powered luxury vehicle in development that can unseat the Tesla Model S for market supremacy. The latest challenger to the Tesla throne is Porsche, who appears to making good on CEO Matthias Mueller’s promise to produce a purely ele