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NHTSA: Just Calm Down

Because National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the media have not only covered, but unwittingly exaggerated the effects of negligence in the automotive market. Everyday drivers have become increasingly aware of the lingering dangers of driving. Before I continue, some explanation is necessary. In years past, the NHTSA had become famous for accepting donations from American auto

Government Agencies' Scandal Incentive

Many automakers have decided to sell cars with massive defects (like steering wheel grenades), because in the end, they come out on top (see: GM ignitions switch scandal). However, it has been abundantly obvious for years; if left to the automakers; ubiquitous changes will not be implemented until it is absolutely necessary. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) was i

Scandals Will Continue

Ever since the Volkswagen emissions scandal, all kinds of other automakers have been caught in similar wrongdoing, the latest is Mitsubishi. What bothers me is the faux outrage that follows the news of the scandal, because it is so disingenuous. This is by no means an accusation, because I do not have any tangible information to back this up, but the assertion undoubtedly true. It is; by far; mor

Automotive Legislation Lag

It is a well documented fact that legislation lags behind automotive technology more often than not. There are many vehicular safety improvements floating around only in the imaginations of engineers. However, because legislators live many years in the past, they have not been able to be implemented. Those on the side of Libertarian values would argue, that it is no place of the (already too large

NHTSA: Google AI Is Like People

Anyone remember A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Don’t feel too bad if you don’t: it was a kinda mediocre Spielberg flick starring the kid from The Sixth Sense as an android designed to feel human emotions. While the AI in a Google car (pictured) can’t necessary replicate the emotional range of a master thespian like Haley Joel Osment, it can do something that the actor couldn’t do back then: legally

Takata Corporation Vs VW AG

Ever since 2014, numerous recalls are becoming the new normal; Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Takata Corporation (and all the auto manufactures they subcontracted for), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors, Toyota, Ford… it seems no automaker is immune from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) vigilant Surveillance. Shamefully, (or thankfully, if empathetically spea

FCA Future?

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been an unprecedented success considering all the hardship the auto group has had to overcome. Just the fact that the company still exists is an admirable feat in it of itself. Both Fiat and Chrysler were circling the drain not long ago. Sergio Marchionne somehow found a way to save all the companies in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles family, and present them with passa

Takata Corporation: Blood in the Water

A relatively unknown contractor for airbags went from niche notability, to household name for all the wrong reasons; a recall has cut Takata Corporation so deep that it may never recover; sharks in the water smell blood, and there is not a single life raft in sight. By now everyone has heard about the claymore airbags (something like this with a higher propensity for casualties (Explicit language

Fiat Chrysler Denies Slow Response to Vehicle Hacking Problem

Whoever said there there’s no such thing as bad publicity might question that statement if she saw the few weeks that Fiat Chrysler was having. The beleaguered Italian-American automaker is once again in the news—and not in a good way—as more information regarding its 1.4 million vehicle recall comes to light. Fiat Chrysler is now contending with allegations that they waited 18 months to disclose

Vehicle Hacking: Temporary Nuisance or Disturbing Trend? (UPDATED)

UPDATE: One could’ve reasonably expected that Harman would respond to the vehicle hacking allegations and, sure enough, they’ve issued a rebuttal. In a Reuters interview, Harman Chief Executive Dinesh Paliwal said that he believed that the problem was limited to the 1.4 million vehicles recently recalled by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. “We do not believe this problem exists in any other car outs