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Ride and Car Sharing Services Popular Among Young City Dwellers

We’re in the midst of a transportation revolution thanks in large measure to ride and car sharing companies like Uber and ZipCar. Now if you want to travel down, for instance, Highway 610 in Houston (pictured), all you have to do is find the appropriate app on your smartphone and—boom!—you have instant wheels at your disposal. With that said, most Americans would still prefer to own and drive the

Uber and Taxi: Escalation

A few short years ago, in the days before Uber, Taxis were the only source of private public transportation. All the other options were that of mass transportation, i.e. planes, trains, and automo-... buses. Taxis, actually fell under luxury transportation, like limos and rickshaws. Uber has introduced a whole new medium of transport, one in which both the rider and the rider feel an escalation in

Taxi Versus Uber

Uber took hold of the transportation business, and has shaken it to its roots. More than any of its competitors, it has demonstrated a viable alternative to not owning a car while still keeping the same mobility. Any company that has anything to do with intra-city transportation, now has to consider the option from left field, ride-sharing. None more so than taxis, because of this there has been

Ford Motor Company: Innovating and Renovating

Ford Motor Company has been sporadically trending on Google for a few days now. It seems every other time I check back on the Business or Technology tabs on Google News it is there. Every time I delve in there is a surprise, because the news is equally sporadic from positive to potentially negative. Ford Motor Company is renovating one side of their fence while innovating on the other side. The f