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Sayonara SideCar

When people think about ride sourcing they do not think of SideCar. Most people do not even know what it is. Those people would be surprised to know, that the aforementioned company is directly responsible for the rise of ride hailing services. Sadly, innovation does not beget success in this day and age, persistent glorified panhandling with a pitch does. Uber and Lyft are unicorns (the Forbes’ U

Taxi Versus Uber

Uber took hold of the transportation business, and has shaken it to its roots. More than any of its competitors, it has demonstrated a viable alternative to not owning a car while still keeping the same mobility. Any company that has anything to do with intra-city transportation, now has to consider the option from left field, ride-sharing. None more so than taxis, because of this there has been

SideCar: Cannabis Sharing

Transportation is such an important facet of human existence, and companies like SideCar, Uber, and Lyft are trying to make it easier. Everyone needs to go places now that subsistence farming has become unfeasible. However, travel is not getting any easier, it is still a tedious process. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the resources to own your own car; a traffic jam can crack a Buddhist'