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Mazda Recall Expands to over 370,000 Vehicles Nationwide

If you drive your own vehicle, you know how important it is to maintain it and make sure you are safe when you drive. One of the safety steps is to be aware of any recalls that may affect your vehicle and take the necessary steps as soon as possible to fix the recall issue. In fact, the closing of 2015 saw the recall of more than 622,000 vehicles from several different automakers, including Buick,

Takata Corporation Vs VW AG

Ever since 2014, numerous recalls are becoming the new normal; Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Takata Corporation (and all the auto manufactures they subcontracted for), Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, General Motors, Toyota, Ford… it seems no automaker is immune from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) vigilant Surveillance. Shamefully, (or thankfully, if empathetically spea

Takata Corporation: Blood in the Water

A relatively unknown contractor for airbags went from niche notability, to household name for all the wrong reasons; a recall has cut Takata Corporation so deep that it may never recover; sharks in the water smell blood, and there is not a single life raft in sight. By now everyone has heard about the claymore airbags (something like this with a higher propensity for casualties (Explicit language

Takata Corporation Apology: At Least it's Something

By now everyone should know about Takata Corporation’s massive recall. It is the largest automotive recall in American history. 34 million vehicles, or, for increased perspective; more than 1 car for every ten people in the United States. Up until recently, the company was acting like it was just an inevitable eventuality of business; if your business expands enough, someone will eventually be imp

Takata Corporation: No Trial?

The Takata Corporation is finally being held accountable. Over a hundred injuries and at least 8 deaths spanning the course of 11 years, are all linked to their airbags. 4 years passed before a recall was even considered. But now, after years of recalls with no remedy, Takata Corporation just now testified under oath (not a trial) in front of the a Senate Committee in Washington D.C. Normally, I a

Eighth Takata Corporation Related Death

The Takata Corporation Recall is the largest in human history. The problem (more often than not) originates in the steering wheel, more specifically the airbag. An airbag is like a really cool balloon, instead of someone blowing it up, or inflating it with a helium tank; an explosion takes care of that. The idea is that the explosion fills the balloon with nitrogen and a wave of concussion, but on

Recall Recourse: Takata Corporation

Takata Corporation is still in the headlines for a record breaking recall. The company that specializes in auto safety is in hot water, surrounding the fact that hot water is causing their airbags to turn into claymores. Their only recourse is the massive recall already in motion, but Takata Corporation is still scrambling to fix their underlying issues. Humidity is exploiting inflators that are

Takata Corporation Recalls Keep Rolling in

A company that I had to google when when I first saw them on is now a company I will never forget. Takata Corporation, is a company that makes safety supplies for millions of cars including seatbelts, airbags and car seats for children. Sometimes they are very good at what they do, last year they won an an X award for making the best car seat for kids. But this year and for a while

Takata Corporation Troubles Continue

Takata Corporation is a company contracted by many car manufacturers to provide safety features for their cars. Their creed is to live in “a society with zero fatalities from traffic accidents.” To their credit they have made some great strides in the right direction to achieve that goal. Takata Corporation has a hand in every safety feature in modern cars; from airbags to seat belts and steering

Could This Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Partnership Between Mazda and Toyota?

Mazda and Toyota announced the formation of a “mutually beneficial long-term partnership” designed to increase collaboration and spread costs between the two Japanese automakers. Among the outcomes of the partnership will be the formation of a joint committee that will determine “how best to utilize each company’s respective strengths.” According to Automotive News, the two companies are already