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Volvo and Uber Team Up to Create Self Driving Fleet of Cars

Volvo and Uber announced that they have teamed up and will be releasing a self-driving fleet of cars in 2019. Together the two companies have invested over $300 million dollars to develop and test the cars. The goal is to make driverless taxis the new normal in the future. Uber has ordered over 24,000 XC90 SUVs from Volvo. The SUV will be integrated with the self-driving sensors and software that

Uber Planning on Expanding Self-Driving Car Research

The Uber brand is already a renowned name in the transportation industry, dedicated to providing passengers with an easy and affordable way to get from point A to point B. The brand prides itself on its contemporary appeal, and those working to optimize driving services to offer passengers additional comfort and security are always scrutinizing the driving process itself. As a result, it's not so

San Francisco's Uber to Introduce Self-Driving Vehicles

Uber is planning on launching a new self-driving vehicle pilot program similar to what is already running in the city of Pittsburgh. As innovations for driverless vehicles become more and more advanced, the brand is interested in providing passengers with improved driving options for their comfort and convenience. Currently, Uber riders who need to request an UberX may now have a chance to match w

Uber and Lyft in Texas

Two days after Proposition 1’s defeat on May 7th; Uber and Lyft pulled their respective businesses out of the city of Austin. A superficial scan of the story (i.e. title skimming) might yield an inaccurate assumption that Austin has forced them out of the city. However, that is far from the truth, Lyft and Uber decided to team up for a fight in Texas, beyondAustin City Limits. Many do not re

Uber and Lyft: More Than a Fingerprint

The fight against fingerprinting is heating up. Normally bitter rivals; Uber and Lyft; have decided to put aside their differences to team up and fight a foe that is far too powerful for either to topple alone. It is worth noting (because many are unaware), Austin is not the only city that requires drivers submit their fingerprints before driving. In fact, the entire state of Texas requires that

Uber and Lyft Fight Fingerprinting

Austin recently started a highly publicized fight with ride sharing companies Lyft and Uber. The ride start up sourcing super powers; exhibited uncharacteristic coadjuvancy, by aligning in solidarity against the tyrannical will of the Citizens of “old Austin.” Unfortunately, in this case Uber and Lyft were slain by the Goliath that is Texas’s fourth biggest city and historic liberal haven. Basica

Uber Autonomous

Uber has officially made its presence known in the race for an autonomous auto. After; what seems like; every automotive entity has made gains in the area of autonomy, Uber has joined the exclusive ranks of public testing. Those that reside or visit Pittsburgh have a chance to see Uber’s fleet of Ford Fusions driving about the city. Unlike other more inconspicuous autonomous autos testing on

Apple: Autonomous Driving Data and Didi Chuxing

Recently, Apple Inc. invested $1 Billion into an Uber competitor in China; Didi Chuxing. On the surface that is a rather uninteresting story. However, there are a number of details, that give the story more color, and allow onlookers to cast conjectures as to what Apple’s intentions are. The key detail that opens the story up to speculations is that fact that Didi Chuxing by no means needs $1 bil

GM and Lyft can Crush Uber

General Motors recently invested $500 million into the lesser know ride sourcing competitor to Uber; Lyft. Beyond, the auto group’s apparent move into the ride sourcing business, the union was said to be instigated mostly out of the necessity to establish an infrastructure for the autonomous auto inevitability. Though it went without saying that there would also be some overlaps in terms of ride s

Uber Can't Wait to Stop Sharing

Over the course of seven years, automakers have been forced to address this new smart mobility movement, because Uber has been so successful that to ignore its influence is to ensure failure (ask taxi companies worldwide). Given the magnitude of the Uber’s impact, it is guaranteed to be one of the many companies mentioned in history books. There is no doubt about it, it will join the ranks of cor