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The Acura RDX is In It to Win It

With the 2019 RDX, Acura made a few changes that are likely to make the competition nervous. The latest model is available with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, one with more low-end torque. By focusing on the torque, the carmaker gave the small SUV an acceleration edge. Likewise, the vehicle’s nimble steering and lively handling have made it something that handles itself easily on windi

The 2019 Acura ILX: A Sedan with Broad Appeal

The Acura ILX mid-size sedan is perfect for commuters and small families, as well as for couples who are looking for something comfortable and practical. This year, the car company gave the vehicle model a few changes ranging from a new grille, which gives the car a sportier appearance, to the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.With the ILX, Acura is offering a base model as we

Acura Freshens Up the MDX for 2019

Acura trimmed up the 2019 MDX a little, offering SUV buyers a vehicle that’s slimmer and sportier than last year’s model. The car company did a major overhaul of the MDX in 2017, so this year’s model received just a few tweaks. The good thing about buying a vehicle model a few years in is that engineers and development teams have had some time to fine tune a few features. That&rs

Acura RDX Undergoes Extensive Overhaul

Already a top-selling luxury compact crossover, the Acura RDX is getting a makeover before hitting the market in 2019. Its extensive redesign is a preparation for the new rivals it will soon compete against. The RDX has the privilege of being the first Acura vehicle to get a complete redesign since designer Jon Ikeda was hired as general manager of this luxury brand in 2015. Acura’s parent c

Top 3 Japanese Midsize Luxury Sedans

When people want a luxury car, they often think about German vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes. However, for those that are looking for luxury, affordability and dependability, Japanese brands such as Acura, Infiniti and Lexus tend to always win reviews. With luxury cars that are lower priced, and easier to maintain, Japanese car makers have seen an increase in sales over the years. We’ve se

A Tale of Two NSXs: New for Neophytes

The Honda NSX was first released in 1990. That first generation NSX inspired a cult following from generation X. Now, Acura (a part of the Honda Motors family) is releasing a second generation NSX that they hope Generation Y will have a similar reaction to. Aside from the having the same name and brand, not much really links the two generations on a superficial level. They do not even share the sa

The Honda NSX Is Already Outdated

The Honda NSX has been a crowd favorite since genesis. Its intention was undeniably attractive; achieving said objective was inspiring. At the time, Acura’s first sports/super car was unique in that the mastered motoring motive was daily driveability. In the early 90s, supercars were notoriously unreliable. Now, the whole notion of a dependable supercar being a selling point is outdated, the engin