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Apple CEO Cook Admits Company Focused on Autonomous Car Systems

Could the Apple Car be the next “must-have” Christmas gift? If Apple CEO Tim Cook has his way, it very well might. After years of strategically dodging the issue, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television Cook admitted that the technology giant is actively moving forward with developing technology for self-driving or autonomous car systems. Cook referred to Apple’s interest

BMW Envisions Artificial Intelligence in the Future

The visual of a self driving car has been around for a very long time. However, the concept was seen as futuristic or even space age. But now the idea is being made into a reality right before our very eyes. Automotive giants like General Motors, Ford, Audi and Tesla have developed and are currently testing prototypes of fully-working autonomous vehicles. There are even some new players on the fie

NHTSA: Google AI Is Like People

Anyone remember A.I. Artificial Intelligence? Don’t feel too bad if you don’t: it was a kinda mediocre Spielberg flick starring the kid from The Sixth Sense as an android designed to feel human emotions. While the AI in a Google car (pictured) can’t necessary replicate the emotional range of a master thespian like Haley Joel Osment, it can do something that the actor couldn’t do back then: legally