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Apple CEO Cook Admits Company Focused on Autonomous Car Systems

Could the Apple Car be the next “must-have” Christmas gift? If Apple CEO Tim Cook has his way, it very well might. After years of strategically dodging the issue, in a recent interview with Bloomberg Television Cook admitted that the technology giant is actively moving forward with developing technology for self-driving or autonomous car systems. Cook referred to Apple’s interest

Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

Developments for self-driving cars have been making tremendous breakthroughs on a regular technological and consumer-interest basis. Many major manufacturers are focusing on establishing powerful software and hardware systems that can provide drivers with the safety they need in all driving situations. Some renowned brands have dedicated themselves to such developments from the start, while others

Apple Is Definitely not, not Designing a Car

Technically, we should not say this aloud (or in print), people tend to soft ball it, but I am going to say it, Apple is designing a car. Take that to the bank, there are no doubts about it. However, if lightning strikes Halley's comet and a four leaf concurrently, and the iCar (Project Titan); does not materialize that does mean I am wrong, it means Apple lost Billions. Therein lies the fear of

Apple: Autonomous Driving Data and Didi Chuxing

Recently, Apple Inc. invested $1 Billion into an Uber competitor in China; Didi Chuxing. On the surface that is a rather uninteresting story. However, there are a number of details, that give the story more color, and allow onlookers to cast conjectures as to what Apple’s intentions are. The key detail that opens the story up to speculations is that fact that Didi Chuxing by no means needs $1 bil

Sergio Marchionne Says He Can Help Build the Apple Car

Apple reported worldwide earnings of $233 billion during the fourth quarter of 2015 alone. But that fact didn’t stop FCA CEO and black sweater enthusiast Sergio Marchionne from offering his company’s assistance in developing the tech giant’s top-secret electric vehicle project, the Apple Car. As we say down South: Bless his heart. “I would assume that we have the credibility to be one of the play

Volkswagen Snags Self-Driving Vehicles Guru from Apple

Time for a quick recap on everyone’s favorite scandal-scarred automaker… Jungwirth Jumps to VW From a career perspective, going from Apple to Volkswagen these days is a bit like going from Club Med to the Titanic. But that’s what Johann Jungwirth (pictured, right) has elected to do in taking a position with VW in its newly created department devoted to self-driving vehicles. Jungwirth is moving

Daimler May Team with Apple, Google on Self-Driving Vehicles

Could Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, collaborate someday with Apple and Google to create self-driving vehicles? “Many things are conceivable,” said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche (see above photo) in an interview with Deutsche Unternehmerboerse. Granted, that is pretty noncommittal as far as answers go. Equally ambiguous is Zetsche’s remark, as reported by Reuters, that the company

Is Apple’s Project Titan Finally a Go?

Apple Inc. is notorious for its next-level focus on secrecy and security, which on one level makes a good deal of sense—after all, when you’re one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, it makes good business sense to keep your proprietary data under wraps as much as possible. Then again, such secrecy can prove annoying when attempting to glean even a scrap of information about projects in

Chevrolet Cruze Offers Apple and Android Connectivity

Smartphones have many practical uses for drivers, from helping to orient them around unfamiliar terrain to easing the stress of their commutes. With their all-new smartphone compatibility initiative, Chevrolet’s aim is to create “the smartest, simplest connected driving experience possible” for Apple and Android phone users alike. With that in mind, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay users will have

Secret Project: Apple Inc.

Apple lives in the headlines, but recently they made the papers in totally new way. They were accused of poaching workers and violating non-compete clauses in February. The court case has been dragging on, until recently. On May 13, 2015 the Cupertino based company finally agreed to settle. It is interesting that the case went this long, as they were clearly in the wrong on this one. They blatantl