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Aston Martin Retools Vantage for Younger Buyers

When the Vantage was first launched in 2005, the average age of Vantage buyers was approximately 50 years old. Recently, Aston Martin revealed a redesigned Vantage that they hope will attract slightly younger buyers. This shift in targeting is due to the steady increase in younger customers purchasing their vehicles. Compared to previous models, the new Vantage looks more like a sports car than a

Aston Martin and Faraday Future

If I am a lucky man, the greatest thing in Automotive History may have just happened. Spoiler Alert, that statement was hyperbole, but you should be excited anyway, because the company behind Faraday Future LeEco has entered into a joint venture with Aston Martin. I suppose this makes the Veteran coachbuilding Automaker and the promising young whippersnapper cousins. Those (very very few people)

Andy Palmer Exaggerated

Aston Martin is a particularly fascinating company, because it is one of very few companies that has been consistently and universally highly regarded, as it staves off bankruptcy. The British Automaker has been opposed to corporate ideals from the very beginning. Their production proclivity has been persistently poor. As opposed to streamlining as all other automakers have done, Aston Martin has

Aston Martin DB11 Leaked

My penchant for Aston Martin, is obvious. I honestly believe they are the greatest automaker in the world, because they have never yielded to mediocrity, instead they have striven to make a product that exceeds all others in every way, even in the face of bankruptcy. Despite being (ostensibly) a single (super) instrument band, they are remarkably well rounded. If it were not for the fact that the

Aston Martin: Coach Building Pedigree

Aston Martin recently branched out. Typically, they only made coupes for for those willing to spend over $100,000 on a car. In that field they are second to none. Aston Martin has a pedigree of style incorporated into each and every one of their cars; they then customize their cars to incorporate each of the owner’s direct specifications in terms of interior, Q is an interior coach builder for its

Aston Martin Rapide: Setting Precedents

The Aston Martin Rapide is the company’s only 4 door option. Soon they will be introducing the DBX, which will be their first SUV. The concept they released earlier this year at Geneva is not the final design, merely a preview of things to come. One of which, being an all electric powertrain for their upcoming SUV. Before the SUV is released, the Aston Martin Rapide plans to set yet another preced

Electric Aston Martins: Shocking

Aston Martin is famed for making some of the most iconic cars in history. Granted, most of that is due to marketing and being able to call itself the first brand one thinks of after hearing OO7, James Bond, spy car and probably even books or movies starring OO7 that do not even feature British made supercars. However, one word that is not associated with Aston Martin is electric, unless it was ele