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Yandex to Release Its Self-Driving Vehicle in the Near Future

After spending a few years testing its autonomous driving system, Yandex, the Russian counterpart to Google, released its first test model at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January 2019.Although most of the items revealed never reach the production stage, the unveiling of the Yandex autonomous vehicle reveals that it is quite possible that some of these products could become a solid reality

Volvo Introduces First Family Safety Tests with Autonomous Cars

Though most automakers have been busy establishing new vehicles and working on showmanship practices, Volvo has been focusing on revealing new plans for their autonomous vehicle testing. Recently, the automaker has said that they were proud to introduce the Hain family, who will be the first family of consumers chosen by the major brand to participate in some of the first scheduled real-world auto

Legal Experts Prepare for Autonomous Car Regulations

What once began as the stuff of science fiction, self-driving and autonomous vehicles are slowly becoming the reality. Almost every major car developer is beginning to offer a prototype of vehicles that are designed to drive automatically. These include numerous luxury models, such as those from Tesla, which feature a built-in autopilot system. Numerous self-driving startups are also beginning to