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Volvo's Drive Me Project: Selling the Autonomous Car?

In 2012, Volvo announcedits innovative Drive Me project, helping to place autonomous vehicles in the hands of potential consumers. Early on, Volvo proclaimed that the manufacturer would have 100 self-driving cars on the road, however, the updated goal is to have 100 people enrolled in the Drive Me program by the end of 2021.The initial phase of this project will involve consumers testing Level 2 v

How Autonomous Cars May Affect You

The autonomous car will quickly take the auto industry by storm. Autonomous cars have a lot of promises to offer drivers and are an exciting innovation to behold, but the technology will affect consumers in more ways than one, both positively and negatively. Here are just a few of the ways autonomous cars might affect you. Negatives Loss of Jobs The University of Michigan Transportation Research

Intel to Release First Batch of Self Driving Cars Before End of Year

In August, Intel announced that they will build up to 100 self-driving cars. The first 25 cars will be released before the end of the year in California and Arizona. Intel has already played an important role in the advancement in self-driving cars by providing processors for Waymo’s fleet of automated cars. The main difference between Waymo’s and Intel’s cars is that Intel&rsquo

Apple Makes Serious Plans Regarding Self-Driving Vehicles

Developments for self-driving cars have been making tremendous breakthroughs on a regular technological and consumer-interest basis. Many major manufacturers are focusing on establishing powerful software and hardware systems that can provide drivers with the safety they need in all driving situations. Some renowned brands have dedicated themselves to such developments from the start, while others

Experts Believe Tesla May Make All Other Cars Obsolete

Vehicles that are capable of driving themselves may have once been the work of science fiction, but now they captivate the imagination of car enthusiasts all over the country. Fans of the Tesla brand, in particular, are excited as the manufacturer continues to make ground-breaking developments in the field of safety, efficiency and autonomous driving in vehicles. The company owned by Elon Musk is

General Motors Begins Autonomous Car Development

With so many automotive innovations being made, GM has focused its research on a still new field in driving: self-driving cars. General Motors has had numerous of its employees working on an autonomous vehicle project that has been relocated to the Warren Tech Center. In order to keep up with research and active development, the major American automaker's representatives have said that the brand w

Potential Partnership: Google and Ford

The future of cars is steering itself towards autonomous technology; surprisingly, it is not an automaker guiding that charge, but Google. The tech titan (not project titan) had a head start on the competition, in that it already had a well documented and extensive on the US automotive infrastructure, and not to mention access to a myriad of satellites. Now, Google is rumored to be trying to (pote

A KITT in Every Garage: The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

“I’ve called science fiction ‘reality ahead of schedule.’" -Syd Mead, sci-fi visual-effects artist Last week, the Japanese periodical Nikkei reported on Toyota’s plans to slash 90% of its line of CO2 emitting vehicles by 2050. While 35 years may seem like a long time from now, it represents a light-year jump in progress relative to the glacial pace of the automotive industry. For those who want t