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The 2019 Buick Envision: An SUV That's Just Right

On the market since 2016, the Buick Envision is sized between the car company’s small SUV, the Encore, and its big one, the Enclave, making the Envision the SUV that’s “just right.” The vehicle model has performed well for Buick. In fact, it’s currently the third-best selling model. For 2019, the car company decided to give it a little refresh.While the exterior hasn&

Buick Steals the Show

The 2016 Detroit auto show brought a few surprises and plenty of innovation to the auto industry. Lincoln introduced a spacious sedan while Lexus presented another luxury model, but it was Buick that stole the show when it revealed its swanky new sports coupe. Buick’s Fancy New Ride - During the last few decades, Buick has been fighting its reputation as the carmaker for geriatric drivers. This y