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Best Car Safety Practices Around An Airport Garage

When you have to leave your vehicle unattended for extended periods of time, it is important for you to follow car safety practices and leave it in good hands. Having a family member or friend take care of it can provide you with peace of mind, but if you are not in such a position, the next best thing is to take a look at airport parking. Airport parking can be advantageous because of the secure

Are Newer Vehicles Safer Than Older Cars?

Did you know that drivers of vehicles more than five years old are four times more likely to become fatally injured in a vehicle crash? According to ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program), you are much safer driving a vehicle that is within five years of its manufacturing date. In order to reach these results, the organization staged a frontal crash test between a 2015 Corolla and a 1998

Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

Driving is an important part of daily life, but it can be dangerous if the driver is not careful. Those who do not pay attention to the road may increase their risk of getting into an accident, and some of the most easily avoidable problems may become a more pressing concern for those who are not attentive. If you are going to be driving for extended periods of time, it can be a good idea to stay

New Car Features are a Novel Take on Existing Systems

Constant advancements in automotive technology mean that individuals can look forward to safer and more responsive vehicles. Some of the most advantageous systems available for new vehicles were actually established as a result of existing technology. By focusing on existing systems and making them better, developers have the opportunity to provide drivers with more responsive results. Adaptive Cr

Tips for Safer Spring Driving

With the winter season coming to an end, drivers may feel as though it is a good time to start relaxing behind the wheel. Though the worst may be over, it is still important for individuals to keep up with safety requirements when they drive. With spring on the way, keep some of these driving tips in mind to improve your safety on the road. Keep the Winter Tires On Depending on where you live, it

Improved Car Safety Systems Help Beat Drowsiness

Weather conditions will always raise red flags in drivers, but sometimes there are other dangers on the road that drivers may not be prepared to tackle. One of the biggest issues that many drivers face throughout the year is feeling sleepy behind the wheel, whether as a result of poor resting habits or an extended stay at the office the day before. Driving without proper rest can leave drivers fee

Are Car Safety Features Leading to Distracted Driving?

Today, the federal government mandates more safety features in every vehicle sold than it ever has previously. In light of this fact, one would think that traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities would be the lowest point that they have ever been. However, the opposite remains true. Vehicles are now manufactured with a multitude of standard safety features such as backup cameras, airbags, ABS b

New Driving App Promises to Optimize Safety

Safety has always been a pressing concern for car manufacturers. New vehicles are constantly being developed with safety in mind in order to provide drivers with enhanced security for all situations on the road. Through recent developments, drivers in Manhattan, San Francisco and Tel Aviv may have the opportunity to enjoy another safety tool readily available for their use. With the development of

Car Safety Innovations Paving the Way for Safer Driving

Automakers are always moving forward, developing new systems that can guarantee the optimal handling of the vehicle and the safety of the drivers. Many powerful and innovative safety features that once seemed the stuff of science fiction are now regularly used to provide vehicle owners with peace of mind. Some safety innovations have been particularly inspiring in their functionality, driving futu

What Goes Into the Car Safety Rating?

If you have taken a look at your car's safety rating, you might be wondering how the classification is determined in the first place. Car safety ratings exist to provide customers with an idea of what to expect from their vehicles. A good rating is paramount in reinforcing the safety of you and your passengers, but what goes into the car safety rating? Frontal Crash Rating Perhaps the most importa