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Chevy Re-Releases an Old Friend | The 2019 Chevy Blazer

Chevrolet has been weighing its options in the SUV market and has decided to bring out a new SUV with an old name, the Chevy Blazer. Jumping back into the two-row midsize SUV category with the 2019 Blazer, Chevy is clearly looking to snag a few car buyers from Jeep and Ford.Aggressive looking and comfortably sized, the 2019 Chevy Blazer is sure to turn heads. Like the carmaker’s other vehicl

Most Fuel Efficient Trucks

Pickup trucks have known to be work trucks that many people also drive around on a daily basis as their regular method of transportation. With car manufacturers making more comfortable and fuel efficient trucks, people have started using pickup trucks for work as well as a night out in town. With upgraded interiors and gas mileage as good as sedans, pickup trucks have become a practical choice for

American Muscle Cars Continue to Improve Safety Ratings

It is not secret that American drivers love the look and feel of classic muscle cars. Though first originating several decades ago, the muscle car culture in America has grown and developed over the years. There is a thriving muscle car community, one that takes pride in the customization and driving aspects of the vehicles. However, though style and function have always been tremendous topics of