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China's Plan to Create a Giant State-Owned Automaker

Over the last few years, the steelmaking, railway equipment, and coal mining industries have been consolidated by the government in Beijing. Decreasing costs, making a profit, and creating new products were all goals of this project.Now, this trend is making its way to the Chinese auto industry. In December of 2017, three state-owned automakers revealed that they will be sharing technology, platfo

Apple: Autonomous Driving Data and Didi Chuxing

Recently, Apple Inc. invested $1 Billion into an Uber competitor in China; Didi Chuxing. On the surface that is a rather uninteresting story. However, there are a number of details, that give the story more color, and allow onlookers to cast conjectures as to what Apple’s intentions are. The key detail that opens the story up to speculations is that fact that Didi Chuxing by no means needs $1 bil

Are Minivans the Hot New Model in China?

This past Thursday, China’s ruling Communist Party abolished its longstanding one-child policy. Married couples are now legally allowed to have two children for the first time in 35 years. So what does this have to do with the automotive industry? Plenty, it turns out, particularly where minivans and multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) are concerned. Automakers such as Volkswagen are looking to capita