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Most Popular Cars of 2016

Purchasing a new car can be a confusing task these days. With thousands of makes and models available, it can be difficult to tell which ones are good for you. If you don’t have anything in mind then filtering through hundreds of listings a day can become a hassle. An easier way to pick out a car is to choose one which is already popular among most drivers. Edmunds put together a list of the most

2016 Honda Civic Does Not Mess About

Technically, Honda has produced the best Civic ever. It far supersedes its previous iteration in every aspect, it is even up for car of the year awards for multiple publications, Beyond that, it seems to be attempting to redefine its own segment (compact sedans). The 2016 Honda Civic, is aiming for the stratosphere; it does not mess about trying to out-scrimp its bare-boned competition, instead it

Changes to the Honda Civic

Traditionally, Honda Civics are known for versatility. In the 90s the goal may have been decking one out to the max, until it either pushed out 600 horsepower, or fell to pieces. In the new millennium, it meant that you could put anything into the tank to serve your function. You could use CNG, Diesel, hybrid technology, pure adrenaline or plain gasoline to propel the engine. Most of those changes

Sports Injected Honda Civic?

For many years now the words Civic Si have inspired awe. Not because the car is super fancy or ridiculously fast, but because it was usually indicative of a smart gear head. It was considered to be a sports car, injected with more livability than even the base Honda Civic, which by the way is a fantastic car. Allow me to reiterate, objectively speaking, the Si is a spectacular car. To find anythi