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Cadillac is as Adept as Always

It is no secret that Cadillac has not been thriving as of late. It is unfortunate, because General Motors (new GM) really turned their tides after the financial collapse. Chevrolet has received repeated praise for their post bankruptcy craftsmanship; and their sales have been proportional to the plaudits. What has not been as thoroughly promulgated, is that Cadillac is and has been building a whol

Deviating From Form: Cadillac CTS

For the last decade or so, Cadillac has been aspiring to be something that it is not. Instead of making every rider feel as though luxury begins and ends within the confines of that cabin; they have instead successfully made a daily driver sports sedan. To their credit, it seemed like a prudent move, and they made one of the best in its class: The Cadillac CTS-V. Mercedes-Benz came way out of le