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Larger Dealerships Driving Smaller Companies out of Business

Business brokers advertising dealerships for sale on LinkedIn are also advertising on other online listing platforms. These dealerships happen to be small ones that have been in business for up three generations. However, in today’s retail automotive environment, it is no longer worth it to operate a successful dealership without significant backing.Some of the big-name dealerships that are

Vegas Dealership Sells Over 100 Cars to Its New Best Friend, Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s nickname is Money, which is apt when you consider his tastes in luxury vehicles. His fancy car fetish is so extreme that one Las Vegas dealership, Towbin Motorcars, has sold over 100 cars to Mayweather—which he paid for with cold hard cash. Among the vehicles Mayweather purchased from Towbin Motorcars include 16 Rolls-Royces and three Bugattis. It’s no wonder that they literall